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Personalize Customer Service With WhatsApp Bot

WhatsApp is one of the lightest social connectivity and networking apps. Businesses must be present everywhere every time

  • Lowest OPEX
  • Maximum visibility of messages
  • Widest user base globally
  • Monitored automated responses
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Personalize Customer Service With WhatsApp Bot

Challenges while deploying WhatsApp bot

Lack of detailed conversations

Lack of detailed conversations

WhatsApp bots are pre-programmed to tackle listed situations in limited ways. While human mind is full of dynamism and varied IQ towards technology too, merely working by the number listings to service is insufficient as it eliminates detailed conversations.

WhatsApp bot penetration

WhatsApp bot penetration

The business accounts taken on WhatsApp seem easy but its set-up and integration is tough nut to crack. Moreover, obtaining smooth communication even after pilot testing is not always guaranteed to the organization.

Incomplete communication cycle

Incomplete communication cycle

An effective communication is attained on successful delivery of message, its reply received, and feedback give. With WhatsApp bot, a proper communication mechanism is still absent while communication carried is merely the bot asking and user replying.

Lack of quality control

Lack of quality control

The conversations handled by a WhatsApp bot are not always supervised by an expert. This leads to a severe drop in trace and analyze mechanism of enacting the feedbacks towards bot improvement. Petty issues too might not end up closed thus degrading quality.

Benefits of deploying WhatsApp bot

WhatsApp has an active user base of 1.6 billion accounts worldwide. With a lightweight app at fingertips, the ease of accessibility is highest thus being a prime source of direct contact for the users. It also offers choice and convenience of communication

Large user base

With data being the most vulnerable possession, users always are exposed to the risk of leaking their data with one wrong click. WhatsApp offers the user to continue chat based on trust of the user with entirely encrypted chat to prevent any unsafe leakage of data.

User safety

The resolution period of issues raised via WhatsApp is 24 hours as it is required by WhatsApp Inc. Thus petty queries and inquiries are bound to get resolved within a day of the issue being raised thus improving CX and C-SAT scores of the organization.

24 hour resolution

WhatsApp bot offers self-service, appointment, agent service, and field visit experts. The data once entered gets centrally stored with the organization and can be narrowed down using positive targeting for sales, conversions and leads.

Bot service

Communication through WhatsApp facilitates carriage of audio and/or visual form of communication. As is well known, an image is worth a thousand words; so is a video or an image to speak about upcoming schemes, vouchers, etc.

Audio-visual communication

Infographs are a revolutionized way of communication. Originated from wall advertisements via graffiti, infographic refers to a visual incorporating crisp content speaking maximum at minimum. Easy to circulate over other apps too, this benefit hits a jackpot. Ease of use,


This remains no surprise that each seller is a buyer and devices crammed with notifications is as good as “clear all/push notifications”. WhatsApp, being an on-the-go chat app offers maximum readability on the consent of the receiver inducing trust.


As light as 100 MB, WhatsApp runs smooth and remains at the fingertips of the users. An operation that does not have to be bugged with data discrepancy and security not just renders speed but also builds firm grounds of a two way communication cycle.

Smooth and reliable

The subscription fee and transaction cost incurred by businesses over WhatsApp is least as compared to its counterpart support platforms. Automated reply and active self-service desk deflects small queries and update tickets from agents’ desks too thus reducing OPEX costs.

Cost effective

Features of WhatsApp bot

The idea of chatting over WhatsApp involves a conversation taking place between two humans. The conversation can be formal or informal. Thus conversation with WhatsApp bot must adhere to human tone and strike a balance amid formality and informality of conversation.

Interactive chat

The conversation with a WhatsApp bot is usually regarding notifying the user or resolving some petty issues raised by them. The conversations however, end with a closing remark request from bot to the user explaining their experience and the improvements suggested.

Feedback mechanism

Though WhatsApp stands as an individual communication app; it still has the access to the central knowledge base thus facilitating its integration with all modules of information for interactive dissemination. It can even fetch documents from Google supported apps.

Cross-channel connectivity

With 320 million daily active users who send 43 billion messages daily, the scope for breaking through an instant communication is facilitated thus helping to educate consumers about brand, policies, upcoming schemes, product, etc. It facilitates the ease of communication flow.

Educate customers

Whenever a query is posted, the bot catches keywords and searches knowledge base to extract the closest answer. Sometimes however, a query might be written in a complicated manner or solution unavailable for the bot. To close the query on spot, it is transferred at present status to agent for expert supervision.

Bot-agent support

Impact of WhatsApp bot for different users



With WhatsApp bot, it becomes easier for customers to reach out for help. Consumers feel privileged when a direct and friendly connection is established; and what better than freedom from long and hammering call center ring tones thus advantaging the customer self service.



In a highly dynamic environment of today, branding better image is a must. With bots at the front line, to resolve any query falling under their programmed knowledge base, the additional work load that may otherwise befall agents is erased thus enhancing their SL.

Digital team

Digital team

Responsible for digital transformation of a company & backed by robust strategy an engaging WhatsApp bot reaps conversions. On omni-channel integration, merely content has to be worked upon while pervasive linkage drives better traffic adding to the advantage.

CX heads

CX heads

Consumers can reach out to you over WhatsApp through app, website, or bot, 24×7. Any loophole evident results in degradation of CX and NPS. It is thus essential to keep WhatsApp too under supervision to prevent any decrease in efficiency, delivering, and quality.

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