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Level Up Virtual Assistant For Delivering Improved Customer Services

In the world of such rapidly changing technology, it is an essential to keep one’s business paced up with the latest.

  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Omni-present assistance
  • Easy UI for self-service
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Level Up Virtual Assistant For Delivering Improved Customer Services

Challenges while deploying virtual assistant

Expert supervision

Expert supervision

Virtual assistant is deployed via bots thus inefficiently trained bots pose an open threat. Absence of proper and elongated knowledge base restricts the problem aspects covered by bot and thus require human supervision over faultily programmed bots.

Responsive design

Responsive design

If the assistant bot lacks responsiveness, it may be possible that while users at both ends are using different browsers and screen sizes, the software is not ready for a smooth transmission and such technical glitches compromise the user’s experience and service quality.

Inaccurate responses

Inaccurate responses

When knowledge base is not updated, the agents face issues while resolving a complaint owing to the fact that they do not have enough information to help the caller navigate effortlessly to solutions. Inaccurate or incorrect responses if delivered can result in customer churn.

Lack of personal touch

Lack of personal touch

The personal touch, soft skill, and empathy towards the problems of a customer while hosting a solution call grants a key differentiator when an agent handles a query. A bot is merely a programmed machine lacking any empathy thus unable to calm down crisis.

Absence of native language

Absence of native language

Whether a caller is tech-savvy or techno-plegic, the use of native language while driving a call towards solution not only keeps the caller hooked for long but also eases out explanation procedure reducing the total call time and improving CX and NPS scores.

Benefits of deploying virtual assistant

Flexible work hours for agents are a necessity but for bots, no such work-life balance is required making them available and active round the clock. Any time a problem arises, the bot is ready to the rescue. Customers can get real time solutions with absolutely no delay.

24×7 assistance

The simple and petty queries can be carry forwarded to the virtual assistants thus empowering bots to take informed and active decisions. The queries of regular nature or the ones that do not require a human interaction can be deviated from the ticket queues of agents and be multitasked through chatbots.

Ticket deflection

$5.05 is the average expense a company bears for each call, field visits left out of the calculation. While one bot can handle five times as much load as compared to an agent, the agents can deal with complex queries while additional manpower expenses are a huge save.

Secure finances

Virtual assistance can be used with screen access to help the consumers solve technical problems on their own as well. This non-conventional division of responsibility is a win-win deal as it leads the customers to be self-reliant and ensures timely and quicker resolutions.

Division of responsibility

When an agent works without the pressure of targets and performance, a more natural and efficient workforce is created that serves an asset to the organization. The customers are happy and retention value is higher thus increasing peer recommendations.

Better productivity

When bot assistance is present parallel, it becomes easy to let the complaints flow in through a centralized system wherein all details of caller and their complaints are pre-recoded by the system. The agent focuses on unsolved part, closes the query and moves to next. This aids in expansion of business to more processes.

Business expansion

Features of virtual assistant

Your virtual assistant bot can be programmed as per your needs. Each time a refresher comes up or knowledge is to be updated, the bot is re-programmed. Also, all interactions are recorded and analyzed for bot’s quality and efficiency check and to keep it supervised.

Bot training

The content created and uploaded at one platform or touch-point does not remain exclusive to it. Such content is indeed reused over all channels as entire information is curated and circulated via single and centralized cloud repository with a network of access points listed.

Content repurposing

All information a user feeds in once, is expected to remain with the organization with current status updates. The user, once puts in their feed, it gets centrally encrypted and stored. The next time, the bot, the agent, or the visiting expert can merely pick from the last with no repeated burdens on customers.

Integrated version

This feature digs out exact solution from the whole ocean of the feed shortening the response time of the bot. Thus elastic search helps finding what you are looking for just by typing in the keywords to the same embedding search engine like experience in your portal.

Elastic search

Knowledge when is uniformly disseminated through interactive modules like decision trees, picture guides and chatbots, it not helps speeding up navigation towards the solution but also make solutions a part of product handling over product complaint.

Decisive modules

Impact of virtual assistant for different users



With virtual assistant at work, it becomes feasible for customers to decide the mode of help. Consumers feel privileged when given an option to choose from; and what better than freedom from long and hammering call center ring tones thus advantaging the customer self service.



In a highly dynamic environment of today, branding better image is a must. With bots at the front line, to resolve any query falling under their programmed knowledge base, the additional work load that may otherwise befall agents is erased thus enhancing their SL.

Digital team

Digital team

Responsible for digital transformation of a company & backed by robust strategy an engaging virtual assistance reaps benefits. On omni-channel integration, merely content has to be worked upon while pervasive linkage and screen access drive better traffic adding to the advantage.

CX heads

CX heads

Consumers can reach out to you through app, website, bot, WhatsApp, social media, text, and call 24×7. Any loophole evident results in degradation of CX and NPS. It is thus essential to prevent any decrease in agent efficiency, learning, and quality.

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