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Improve Operational Efficiency Of Agents With Knowledge Management

Contact center operations might seem limited to receiving calls and answering them but quality uplift and task tally to ensure positive brand image lies on the shoulders of the operations team. Improve knowledge management today for better agent efficiency.

  • Handling inbound & outbound calls
  • Highly distinguished service quality
  • Improve customer journey
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Improve Operational Efficiency Of Agents With Knowledge Management

Challenges in improving contact center operational efficiency

Agent efficiency

Agent efficiency

Call center operations are a combination of inbound and outbound calls. While persuasiveness makes outbound calls a success, overburdening an agent with petty queries marks failure of inbound calls. Streamlining call center operations improve outbound efficiency and results.

Productivity statistics

Productivity statistics

Better is the CX score; better shall be the productivity of a call center. When the agents are not well acquainted enough with jargon and information the retention of customers is tough lowering productivity statistics.

Information dissemination

Information dissemination

In large operations, a huge pool of agents is to be trained to be capable of disseminating right information at the right incidence. To operate the call center is a crucial and complex task so as to maintain decorum across floor.

High operational cost

High operational cost

Multiple calls shall irritate the customer, diminish the purpose of the call, and fade out FCR rate. Longer calls spike up AHT and diminish call center metrics. Unclosed queries reduce the NPS score & hinder improved operational efficiency of the contact center as well.

Multiple team management

Multiple team management

With a single team having 100 agents on board, it is sure tricky to assemble all such resources at a single time and monitor their growth and performance. A daily check on quality delivered and quantity achieved too must be scanned properly.

Operational efficiency benefits

When the operations of contact center are channelized properly and systematically, the customers get what they have been looking for almost instantly. This not only satisfies a customer but also positively improves the operational efficiency of a contact center.

Customer relation

The delivery of solutions to the customer is always smooth and seamless ensuring better customer experience and higher service level on part of agents. A consistent knowledge is distributed over all customer touch-points with an active agent support backup in case of complexity.

Seamless delivery

Average cost per call per agent can go as high as 2 dollars. Other operational costs added further escalate this figure but fortunately the deployment of knowledge management tools helps agents wrap up calls quickly leaving customers in a place of complete satisfaction and trust.

Reduced costs

Agents contact foundation of the organizations directly. They not only act as sales agents but also are the do-gooders to the problems faced by customers. Being an outsourced service, they become the virtual representatives and important touch-point.

Virtual representatives

Operation heads can provide end to end feedback for agents in large processes by providing apt updates, refreshers, and LMS. This boosts the service quality thus improving employee morale. The feedbacks and reports are analyzed in detail and all key hits are made more focused.

Roll reports and feedbacks

The repository of knowledge created can be accessed globally by all operating teams and customers in a consistent manner. The roles and departments as changed automatically update the tagged content alongside updating the LMS and knowledgebase.

Global repository

How to improve call center operations efficiency

Interactive decision tree software helps agents resolve complex queries and simplifies customer interactions. It is a streamlined technical process for support teams and customers. Hassle-free information flow improves the quality of service provided.

Decision trees

It is the visual assistance for agents to handle complex customer queries using the images to guide caller step by step to the solution. Visuals aid faster and clearer understanding resolving customer complaints and enhancing the CX and C-SAT scores.

Picture Guides

Multiple designations, processes, knowledge, and touch-points: all need to be covered with accurate and updated knowledge for both agents and customers to resolve queries quickly. Content hierarchy and QMS aids agent learning.

Knowledge base

When an agent is well trained and well learned; they can handle long and complex queries easily closing all such tickets at first hand. A good learning module increases agent efficiency by 20%. It not only increases the speed but also helps them scale ladder to better outputs.

Learning Management System

Impact of call center operational efficiency for different users



A well-strategized call center process with updated technologies and training helps the agents operate better. They excel at process intelligence thus being suitable to explain solutions with confidence and familiarity drawing the caller into reliable and abiding solutions. It deeply impacts the changes in call center KPIs.



With self-service enablement, it becomes feasible for customers to help out their own selves using the updated how-to guides and step-by-step procedures. With polished and efficient agents over call available as well, the customer's reward organization with word of mouth appreciation.

Operations supervisor

Operations supervisor

An operations supervisor must be a leader figure establishing ground bars around daily goals and monitor the expected versus achieved in relation to operational efficiency. He must record and analyze calls and prepare detailed reports around the same to help customers improve with case studies and provide incentives for better performances.

Training and quality

Training and quality

Alongside keeping the agents aware and updated about the product features and changes in processes, the agents must be leniently supervised and guided. New and better policies must be framed to help agents achieve reasonably expected goals by proving relevant information, guidance, and enticements.

CX heads

CX heads

Consumers are omnipresent and expect the support services to be quick and available as well. Any loopholes observed over agent calls on floor must be duly noted and conveyed to ensure better responses. CX heads bridge the gap between the agent and the caller in terms of expectancies and deliveries.

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