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Interactive Application Support Through Self Service Portal

Many businesses today are planning going app only for better engagement.  

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Interactive Application Support Through Self Service Portal

Challenges in application support

Insufficient knowledge

Insufficient knowledge

In-app support portals many a times remain to be most ignored in terms of updates and experience provided. An app consists of multiple tabs and they are represented by icons. Insufficient knowledge or scattered knowledge leads to unwilling tour of the app in search of one petty solution.

Loading time

Loading time

Application support portal is essential to be created if the organization uses an app for communication. When support sections within app don’t deliver immediate results due to lack of findability or poor speed, visitors merely turn back to calls with a poor experience.

Poor user experience

Poor user experience

The in-app portal is as crucial as home page of the app. Both serve as the direct face of contact with customers and if a customer is not satisfied with purpose here, the experience passed on is ruined. A properly created app. Consistent knowledge, and friendly interface thus are a must.

Timely updates

Timely updates

It is essential to keep updating the support portal knowledge timely and check for faults regularly. If the knowledge is not timely updated, wrong or incomplete information can be delivered to the user thus ruining the ruining the customer-organization relation.

Unsatisfied callers

Unsatisfied callers

Callers usually have petty queries that don’t require involvement of agents. Fewer steps to solutions can be provided through the assistance of in-app portal but when the agents have to handle this monotony they dodge over pending complex query thus leaving callers unsatisfied.

Long queues

Long queues

Long contact center queues increase the waiting time per caller by manifolds. Even the easily attainable solutions put callers in the struggle of long queues, delayed resolutions, and unsolved problems too due to loss of patience at either ends.

Benefits of in-app support

Even when the user exits the app, while product or service being used still, any offers, information, updates, etc, required for communication are delivered through pro-active and actionable notifications. Issues resolved thereby induce sense of self-care in the user prioritizing their own issue over that of others.


In-app portal helps the deflection of tickets over petty queries being deposited at the agent’s desk. In-app support portal is the self-service face of the organization for the users helping them solve their queries of simple nature with self-dependency thus reducing the burden over agents and saving costs of operations in turn.

Ticket deflection

A good application support portal should have a user friendly interface for the users to easily find the information and solution they are in need of. The information circulated should be easily findable and be depicted by interactive modules. The portal must essentially bear adaptive design for all devices and work on all operating systems.

Better user interface

The seamless support offered by proper in-app portal ascertains all bugs being fixed improving user experience. This increases the average time that a visitor spends on the app thus improving metrics like daily/monthly users. The handy app also fetches in more reliance of brand in customers’ minds.

Increased app stickiness

A great experience is the magnet to customers. When the solutions are attained easily and by one’s own self, the customers are satisfied about the product choice as well thus willing to explore the brand and drive more sales either directly or by oral appreciation.

Customer retention

Features of application support

Technology never comes handy to all thus the in-app support should essentially sport an app tutorial giving guidance to the visitors on features and how to use them. Also, each time a new feature is added, the tutorial must be updated and provided so as to make it a user friendly experience.

App support

This feature digs out exact solution for the whole ocean of the feed shortening the response time of the portal. Thus elastic search helps finding what you are looking for just by typing in the keywords to the same embedding search engine like experience in your portal.

Elastic search

The users, usually besides all instructions too, forget the usage procedure and get anxious and nervous. Top FAQs help them find theirs and if not found, they can type in keywords to find all related queries and land themselves on solution they require.

Top FAQs

Artificial intelligence booms and serves as back support in every aspect of technology these days. It is thus expected of the apps to not only be easy to handle but also smart enough to promptly ascertain the solution as soon as problem is addressed and start troubleshooting the same automatically.


Knowledge when is uniformly disseminated through interactive modules like decision trees, picture guides and chatbots, it not only helps speeding up navigation towards the solution but also make solutions a part of product handling over product complaint.

Decisive modules

A ready repository of multiple connected devices can be created domestically and internally in an organization as well. From connecting laptop/desktop app to mobile app syncing the operations to syncing self-service progress and chat forwarded to agents in need, all stand as a boon of ready connectors.

Ready connectors

Impact of in-app support for various users



With in-app portal, it becomes feasible for customers to decide the mode of help. Consumers feel privileged when given an option to choose from; and what better than freedom from long and hammering call center ring tones thus advantaging the customer self service.



In a highly dynamic environment of today, branding better image is a must. Satisfaction of customers is and requires a specialized hand in the same. When a robust knowledge base for customers is a given, the struggle for better performance no more remains a pressure.

Digital team

Digital team

Responsible for digital transformation of a company & backed by robust strategy an engaging in-app portal reaps benefits. A user friendly portal attracts more visitors stretching average session time. On integration, merely content has to be worked upon and ready connectors for in app support add to the advantage.

CX heads

CX heads

Consumers can reach out to you through app, website, bot, WhatsApp, social media, text, and call 24×7. Any loophole evident results in degradation of CX and NPS. It is thus essential to prevent any decrease in agent efficiency, learning, and quality.

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