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Connect the dots with an easy-to-use Knowledge Base Software

From ‘how-to’ articles to frequently asked questions, manage all relevant information that users need to navigate through queries with knowledge base software.

  • Enabling Self-service
  • Faster resolutions & fewer tickets
  • Structured content management
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Enable self-service with a smart Knowledge Base Software

Over 90% of users would use an online knowledge base if it were made available. Allow your customers to solve their queries by integrating Knowmax within your business website or creating an accessible portal based system. With rich content, updated regularly, ensure the best use of your resources.

Tune your Knowledge Base to user needs

Monitor words and phrases that users and support agents use to alter and improve navigation experience. Knowmax allows you to keep a track of top search queries to ensure that content is regularly updated on the knowledge base software for enhanced customer experience.

A Knowledge Base that is truly yours

Our team at Knowmax can customize your Knowledge Base to make it look and feel like your own. With features to add your company credentials on the frontend, organize all business-related information and knowledge as per the convenience of users and frequency of usage.

A tool so simple, you can work it instantly

With no prior training required to understand Knowmax’s functioning, you can begin to author, edit and create articles, help guides and FAQs for users and end customers. Define roles and rights to provide a clear flow of information and manage users according to permissions granted

‘Searching’ on a Knowledge Base just got easier

With features like predictive and SEO friendly search, your content can be easily sought out enabling better search results for users. Knowmax learns to adapt to your most frequently searched queries to bring to you the content you need with a click of a button.

Manage content better with Knowledge Base System

With Knowmax’s capability to support all formats of information, ensure all organizational knowledge is structured on a centralized platform. Files ranging from PDF, Word Documents, PPTs, and Excel Spreadsheets; enable easy access to your library by allotting permissions and rights to users, employees, and front liners.

40% of customers prefer self-service to human contact. Empower your users with Knowmax’s knowledge base software.

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How can Knowledge Base Softwares enable self-service at digital channels?

Successful self-service can completely be achieved through a centralized knowledge base that spans all digital channels. With easy to curate & utilize self-service tools such as FAQs & Articles; knowledge base streamlines CX processes across websites, bot, and apps. Creation, curation & distribution of content becomes easier through a unified knowledge space; that assists agents in accomplishing customer experience goals with predictive search and multilingual content capabilities.

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