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Knowledge Base Software For Call Center Agents & Customer Self-service

  • Unified AI knowledge base software for contact center teams
  • Powers self-service with articles, FAQs, and chatbot knowledge
  • Semantic search for instant information retrieval
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More than just a
knowledge base software :


Empower your support agents with actionable knowledge


Access contextual information within seconds


Enable human-like interaction through chatbot

Make your knowledge work for you with Knowmax knowledge base software

1 .

Single source of truth for all your knowledge

Easily access all information by organizing it in one place. Make information actionable, contextual, and readily available across all channels.

2 .

Convert SOPs into an easy-to-use format

Make complex SOPs simple to understand by breaking them down into step-by-step workflows. Improve SOP adherence of support teams with an AI knowledge base software.

3 .

Get accurate and faster search results

The keyword derived intuitive search feature helps with faster access to contextual information. With improved searchability, reduce the average handle time of your support teams.

4 .

Achieve seamless self-service support

Create knowledge base articles, FAQs, and how-to guides that can be pushed on your brand’s self-service portal. Deliver authentic customer experiences through intelligent chatbots powered by an AI Knowledge Base software.

5 .

Eliminate frequent training of employees

Avoid frequent training with the help of a Knowledge Base that is an all-in-one guide for the support staff to refer to. Further, optimize operating costs by making support teams independent.

Supercharge your CX with Knowmax

Empower your support teams & customers with Knowmax
knowledge base software

Knowmax knowledge base software for call centers organizes your information under one unified platform and enables greater accessibility of actionable knowledge. It empowers your support teams with correct information and quick resolutions to customer problems at their fingertips.

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What Our Customers Say

How can you enhance your knowledge base with AI?

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge base are two sides of the same coin. While KM allows knowledge to be grasped, AI provides the ability to expand, use, and generate knowledge in ways we have not yet imagined. Knowledge base at your organization increases productivity, and your competitive advantage and reduces risk. The knowledge base in AI provides several significant benefits for meeting customer support objectives.

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Business metrics driven by Knowmax

30 -

Reduction of errors by support teams

15 -

Call Deflection to Self Service channels

20 -

Reduction of time to proficiency

15 -

Reduction in support costs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use the internal KB externally?

Do all teams have the same knowledge base?

Can I migrate content to the knowledge base?

Do I need to remember the file location on the knowledge base?

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