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Build valuable information for customers in several forms. Content needs to descriptive as per several perspectives of the customers. Construct content accordingly and make remarkable transformation in knowledge practices related to customer service operations.

  • Detailed categories/sections
  • Various content formats
  • Integrated design features
Create Knowledge


With a rich text editor tool, create resolutions in engaging as well as precised formats. Make alterations in the existing documents to streamline the content flow and its clarity while distributing knowledge across channels. Knowmax editor allow users to conceptualize content, format plain text with font options, highlight information, insert hyperlinks, upload media files in bulk, drag & drop content easily from libraries through the guidance enabled at every step.


Create knowledge assistance in multiple languages. Moreover, select the language in which you want to create content for addressing native customers. Knowmax helps you create content in local languages also that assist agents to perform better while addressing customer issues. Multilingual capabilities empower agents to act productively and respond effectively in the language that their customers can understand easily leading to faster resolution delivery.

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Take extra care of the content before publishing with a feature to preview. Content created can be previewed across several devices and platforms. Take a sneak peek into the content prior to the publishing of information. Knowmax helps in evaluating the content so that any error could be removed before releasing the content. Get the advantage to check information before making it live.

  • Website – Preview the information as how it will appear on desktop and interact with customers seamlessly.
  • Mobile – Get the mobile view of content as well to make required changes from usual site design and assist customers in omnichannel way.
  • Tab – Check content on tab and make changes in regards to the information that how it will be useful for customers.

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