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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Guided Knowledge for CX Transformation: Jupiter’s Success Story

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guided knowledge for cx transformation

When you know better, you do better. We believe this saying is true in general, but it is particularly true in customer service. The right knowledge at the right time can make you the hero or the villain in your customer’s story. 

In a recent webinar with our client Jupiter, we explored the extent to which guided knowledge can really make or break relationships with customers, especially in the financial services industry.

We had our speaker Archana PN, AVP of Customer Service at Jupiter, discuss Jupiter’s journey towards CX transformation with guided knowledge – from top challenges to address, key CX priorities for Jupiter, choosing the right solution, to benefits and best practices of knowledge management implementation.

While we’ll cover the highlights of the webinar in this blog, you can dive deeper by watching the full recording below.

Webinar Recording: The Key to CX Transformation for Jupiter

Mapping out Jupiter’s key CX priorities

Being a digital financial service provider, Jupiter had several challenges to address in order to improve CX. Delivering omnichannel and personalized support, lack of customer data, high costs of mistakes, and siloed systems were a few of the key challenges they had to overcome.

In order to address these challenges, the way forward was to map out clear and actionable CX goals and priorities.

Jupiter identified four non-negotiables when it came to their CX goals:

  • Speed and convenience for prompt and accurate service
  • Personalization for tailored solutions and recommendations
  • Education to promote financial literacy among customers 
  • Trust and security to secure customer confidence and loyalty, especially for a completely digital bank

With these clear priorities mapped out, Jupiter was set to strategize and find solutions that would help them address their challenges and achieve their CX goals.

Need for a dedicated knowledge management (KM) platform 

For Jupiter, the journey towards realizing the need for a dedicated knowledge management platform was due to four main reasons:

  • The presence of multiple sources of truth in Google Sheets, PDFs, etc., leads to scattered knowledge, and wasted time and effort locating the right information
  • Inconsistent delivery of resolutions due to conflicting information and complex SOPs
  • Insufficient knowledge sharing due to siloed knowledge and disparate knowledge experiences 
  • High agent turnover rates lead to loss of knowledge with employee exit 

To these major problems, Jupiter realized the need for a dedicated knowledge management platform to create more seamless guided knowledge experiences for better customer service.

What are the benefits that Jupiter achieved with guided knowledge?

Now, the super exciting part – is the benefits achieved after adopting a dedicated KM system. We’ve listed the key ones below, as shared by our speaker Archana PN:

1. Single source of truth 

With a KM platform in place, knowledge was no longer scattered across repositories. This enabled service representatives to access actionable guided knowledge on-demand to ensure quick and accurate service. It also ensured uniform responses so that customers across touchpoints receive consistent information. 

2. Faster response time

With the right knowledge at the right time, agents can solve customer problems faster and more accurately. With tools like decision trees, complex SOPs are broken down into guided workflows as next-best actions. This way, agents can achieve lesser handling time and mistake-proof conversations.

3. Actionable insights with analytics 

Actionable data and reports are the recipes for customer service success. A KM platform with in-built micro-segmented gave invaluable insights to:

  • Assess entire resolution journeys 
  • Review content performance and usefulness 
  • Analyze engagement trends and patterns  

4. Regular agent training 

A dedicated KM platform also offers the perks of conducting agent training regularly. This includes product knowledge tests to boost deeper product understanding, struggles relating to business processes (like SOPs) that need extra attention, and issues at various customer touchpoints such as chat versus telephony, etc.  

Getting KM implementation right: Jupiter’s Journey 

For service organizations, shifting to a new tool or software can be incredibly daunting. Factors such as employees’ resistance to new technologies, training time for proficiency, and ensuring safe and complete knowledge transfer are some key inertia points toward migration.

However, with the right preparation and proper training for employees, migrating to a new solution can help you achieve new levels of success. For Jupiter, a full-suite KM platform was the one-stop solution to efficiently manage their knowledge and elevate their CX to new heights.

To ensure successful KM adoption for Jupiter, Archana discussed the process in four continuous and connected major steps:

  • Restructuring scattered and complex SOPs into interactive next-best actions
  • Integrating the new knowledge management solution with in-house tools and systems like CRM, chat, telephone, etc.
  • Conducting periodic training sessions & refresher courses for CX teams 
  • Opting for a meaningful partnership to aid in end-to-end content migration & setup

Best practices to get your KM implementation right 

After successfully adopting a KM platform, here are seven best practices from Jupiter’s story to help you implement knowledge management efficiently:

  • Identify your business goals to align them with the solution you adopt
  • Involve stakeholders like customer service representatives, IT staff, and senior leaders to ensure that the knowledge management platform meets their needs and has the necessary support to succeed
  • Choose the right solution for your brand’s needs and goals by considering factors such as ease of use, scalability, and integration with existing systems
  • Develop a knowledge management strategy to create seamless guided knowledge experiences for employees and customers 
  • Provide training and support to maximize KM adoption and use the platform to its full potential
  • Measure Success by defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to progress and identify areas for improvement over time
  • Continuous improvement: Content quality is key to CX’s success

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your CX function

Cultivating efficient knowledge management practices is crucial now more than ever to ensure that you maximize your employee’s productivity and boost operational efficiency. Stats show that effective KM disciplines boost corporate productivity by 10 – 40%.

Get to know more about how guided knowledge has elevated CX for India’s leading Fintech startup, Jupiter, by watching the full webinar here.

You can also download our KM Implementation Guide here to ensure you’re on the right track with KM implementation for your business.

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Kamal Pathak has over 10 years of experience as a product manager building successful B2B SaaS products in customer experience space. He enjoys writing, speaking, and coaching aspiring product managers.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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