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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

How To Create Telephone Scripts For Incoming Calls?

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Most outsourced businesses and call centers practice telephone scripts for incoming calls. A call center script is a set of carefully written statements that guide agents to interact with customers more accurately and maintain a professional standard.

telephone scripts for incoming calls

A perfectly written telephone script for incoming calls using the KM tools reflects the face of the call center. Such scripts not only ease agents seeking requisite information at their finger-tip to address 

What makes telephone scripts perfect?

It’s difficult to write a call center script that sounds natural and real in all scenarios. Reading in scripted conversations feels stereotyped and mechanical. The agent’s conversation interfaces with customers reflect the brand value. The scripts, therefore, should deliver a natural, friendly, and authentic speech to connect with customers.

Inbound telephone call scripts are a quick reference guide when agents feel stuck or need to know best practices.

Few guidelines to be followed while creating good telephone scripts for incoming calls

  • Write your script in simple sentences and phrases in a positive tone that can be helpful when you need to lighten the conversation
  • Make sure your script contains the answers to the most serious questions
  • Keep the script structured, so it will be easy to find answers to any questions
  • Make a list of the obvious objections you will meet and the guidelines on how to manage them
  • Make sure your script is consistent. Your clients are eligible for consistent communication and interaction with your agent no matter who they are talking to
  • Assure agents, especially new agents, in particular, may be concerned that they may mispronounce or get into trouble. The Inbound customer service call script should help agents predict customer needs.

How to start your call center scripts?

Let’s have a look at the opening conversation of simple call center telephone scripts for incoming calls. This is to ensure that the representatives are efficient at collecting relevant customer information while remaining friendly and professional.   

  • Greet the caller: Greet politely, preferably quoting the customer’s name, if available through the system.
  • Introduce yourself: Saying your name humanizes when connected, so customers realize they are speaking to a real person. Thank the customer for calling.  
  • Brand your organization: Add the name of the organizations to brand your call and get customers to confirm they called they reached the right number.
  • Find out why the customer is calling: Proceed with the purpose, ask the customer, say, “how may I help you?”, etc. 
  • Get to the point: Whether you’ve called them or they’ve called you, your customer doesn’t want to waste time. Keep your introduction as concise as possible.
  • Gather customer’s query: Invite caller to speak about the request. At the beginning of the call, your customer will want space to present their problem and know that they are being listened to. Listen to the customer & take note of key information. When unsure, clarify by repeating the information.

How to make your scripts enable the ‘next-best actions’?

The simplest routine step is to provide the requested information or offer to call the customer back when you have the information. However, for most calls in a real-time scenario, customers expect instant cues of satisfactory information in return. That leads to First Call Resolution (FCR)

However, it is possible with a properly designed system backed with a knowledge base platform rich in step-by-step visual simulator guides and self-care assistance across touchpoints. 

For issues requiring backend analysis and workarounds, the system recommended ticket is generated with status attached. Registered issues are resolved through KM-assisted processing. In addition, the use of dynamic scripts in the CRM integrated environment can fetch more customer-specific information and track the issue. 

Case study: How Knowmax KM software assisted a leading enteprise improve their FCR by 21%?

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Creating telephone scripts for incoming calls with KM Tools

There are smart ways to create perfect telephone scripts for incoming calls. The inbound customer service call script tied with a knowledge base will make your agents resourceful and, with the right information, surface without relying on the agent’s memory. The instant feed of relevant information lets the customer be relieved without waiting. 

Engaging reliable call center scripting tools can assist customer service executives in troubleshooting customer problems with the help of a step-by-step guide. The KM-based scripted guide provides a visual flow of the scenario of the subject the customer is chasing. The decision tree feature derived through the multi-layered information enables the agent to walk through and direct the next best actions.

Smart scripting tools make the best use of the underlying KM platform. Such tools can create scenario-based scripts suitable in context with the current problem or issue at hand. 


Scripts designed in proper knowledge management having curated content consumed through all channels results in minimized human errors. Cognitive scripting consistency helps improve call efficiency and enhances CX. Agents offer a great overall customer experience by following a script based on your best-performing agents and their best practices.

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