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Updated On: Jul 23, 2024

Top 13 SOP Software for 2024

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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Software refers to a set of sequential instructions created by an organization.

sop software

Imagine you’re rushing through errands, having forgotten to make a list. Now, you’re struggling to remember what you need, and it’s getting chaotic. At that moment, you just think, “Why didn’t I make a list to simplify things?” 

Same is the case with call centers, where managing tasks can become chaotic without proper organization. Manually managing and ensuring employee compliance can be long and tedious. SOP software is the perfect solution to address this challenge 

Through this blog, we’ll simplify your search for the best SOP software. 

So, let’s get started! 

13 Best AI-Powered SOP Software for 2024 

1. Knowmax 


Knowmax is a guided knowledge management platform that simplifies complex customer service SOPs into simple next-best actions and visual how-to guides. It centralizes all your organizational knowledge, making it easy for everyone to access the right knowledge without delays. 

With Knowmax, your support agents get the next best thing to say (scripts) and do (process flows) all in one place. They have access to customer care scripts and process flows, which leads to faster issue resolution, improved SOP compliance, and better product adoption.  

Knowmax also provides feedback mechanisms and micro-segmented analytics to measure and enhance the effectiveness of your SOPs


  • Assists platform administrators in determining the best content layout for company operating procedures (SOPs)  
  • Empowers support reps with decision trees to quickly identify the best course of action based on customer inquiries and information 
  • Simplifies technical troubleshooting with its pictorial guides to present complex issues as manageable step-by-step guides 
  • Allows administrators to easily distribute SOPs to all necessary departments and communication channels 
  • Empowers you to assess SOPs using granular analytics to make them more effective 


  • Information on the cost of Knowmax’s SOP software is scarce, hindering the ability to assess its value relative to alternatives 

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2. Trainual  


Trainual is designed to help you with employee onboarding, training, and knowledge management. It helps you create and share documentation and training materials efficiently.  

It’s a platform where your team can collaborate to develop manuals for their operations, making knowledge transfer and training new employees more streamlined. 


  • There’s a free trial available 
  • Roles are assigned to manage training, along with specific SOPs for each person 
  • You can easily add videos, animated images (GIFs), and documents (PDFs) from outside sources for training purposes 


  • Other training programs offer a wider variety of knowledge assessment options compared to this one 

3. Scribe 

Scribe how

Scribe, a software program, streamlines data migration and integration processes. Designed to connect various data sources and applications seamlessly, it helps with data transfer through automated step-by-step guidance.  

Scribe is widely used for data synchronization and transfers between multiple systems, including databases, cloud-based applications, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. 


  • Documentation is created effortlessly 
  • Tailoring content, instructions, and visuals is a breeze 
  • Sharing is a one-click operation 
  • Smooth integration with any existing knowledge repository 


  • Potentially costly for smaller companies 
  • One price option only for companies smaller than enterprises 

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4. Process Street 

Process street

Process Street is a process management platform that helps you improve your team’s daily tasks. It lets you create templates with checklists so everyone knows exactly what they need to do. This makes it easier for your team to work together and keep track of their progress. 


  • The UI is straight forward and simple to navigate 
  • Ready-to-use templates cover a wide range of processes 
  • Automates tasks to run regularly or at specific times 
  • Customization allows you to add form fields to job descriptions 


  • The free version of the process has certain limitations, while the premium options may be expensive 

5. Sweet Process 

sweet process

Sweet Process is a process management software designed specifically for creating SOPs. It makes it easy to organize and keep track of your tasks, as well as document your processes.  

With Sweet Process, you can sort information based on common support topics and create step-by-step instructions that can be shared privately or publicly through a knowledge base. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Offers a friendly and accessible membership structure 
  • Designed to be straightforward, requiring minimal prior knowledge 


  • The design of the checklist directly influences the effectiveness and user experience of the Inbox section 

6. Jobrouter 


Using JobRouter, a digital process automation software, you can create automated workflows and digitize operations by designing and running automated processes.  

By automating SOP management like Jobrouter, you reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and ensure SOPs are always accurately up to date. 


  • Highly customizable 
  • Exceptional customer assistance 


  • Small businesses may find the process of developing and implementing formal documentation, including forms, policies, and procedures, to be expensive and time-consuming 

7. Coassemble 


Coassemble is a course building program that allows you to create online training courses for employees. Instead of simply providing SOPs, it helps you develop interactive “course” modules that enhance employee’s training experience.  

While it’s not suitable for those looking to simply share and create fundamental SOP documents, Coassemble is helpful in providing comprehensive onboarding materials. 


  • The interface can be easily tailored to your preferences and is not difficult to navigate 
  • You don’t need any coding skills to use it 
  • It provides ready-made templates for your convenience 


  • Limited functionality for uploading multimedia and other interactive content 
  • Primarily designed for online learning purposes, not task management or collaborative work 

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8. Tallyfy 


Businesses looking for automation can find Tallyfy’s software suite useful for workflow, process, and task management. It facilitates collaboration and task sharing between clients and coworkers.  

While Tallyfy may not be ideal for creating complex SOPs, it significantly improves organization. 


  • The public API allows you to easily create forms for collecting and distributing data 
  • Users can connect and find solutions to task-related problems  
  • The platform provides advanced automation capabilities 


  • No customizations; anyone can perform any task or process without restrictions 
  • No tracking, and there is no record of user actions or activity 

9. ClickUp 

click up

ClickUp provides a SOP management tool. It includes the SOP generator, which simplifies the creation of clear and accurate SOPs using AI to include essential process details.  

ClickUp helps you streamline your operations and reduce the time spent on manual SOP creation, boosting productivity by standardizing processes. 


  • Store and manage SOPs in a centralized library with version control for both unchanging and evolving documents 
  • Define clear user roles with distinct permissions 
  • Visualize workflows using timelines, Kanban boards, and Gantt charts  
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 500 apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack


  • The free version lacks some SOP features and has limited storage space 
  • Users have reported encountering difficulties during initial usage due to the complex learning curve and unintuitive interface 
  • Limited options for customizing fonts, colors, and templates 

10. MaintainX 

maintain x

MaintainX is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that simplifies your everyday business tasks by eliminating tedious paperwork and manual processes. It centralizes and digitizes all SOPs, making them easily accessible and manageable.  

The software streamlines operations by allowing you to assign tasks, track progress, approve changes, and monitor performance. Additionally, it provides analytics and reporting tools to enhance efficiency and optimize processes. 


  • Convert physical forms like work orders, checklists, inspection logs, and processes into digital formats 
  • Establish automated procedures to escalate processes that encounter errors or irregularities 
  • Implement audit trails to document work histories and verify staff adherence to procedures 


  • The mobile app lacks some features available in the desktop version 
  • Some functions are disabled when the app is offline 
  • While custom reports can be created, the default Dashboard offers limited reporting options 

12. Workflowy 


Workflowy is a no-cost web-based task management software that simplifies creating, updating, and sharing SOPs. By using Workflowy, you can streamline SOP management, ensuring everyone has instant access to the information they need to perform their duties effectively. 


  • Organize your notes and data effortlessly 
  • Like a note app, simply upload your information and use drag-and-drop to create columns 
  • Add as many files and photos as you need, right where you want them 
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team by highlighting, copying, or tagging key information 
  • Provides pre-made templates to kick-start your productivity 


  • Workflowy offers limited customization options for layout, color, and formatting 
  • Beginners may find the tool’s versatility overwhelming 
  • The free version’s 500-item limit may not suffice for extensive SOPs 

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12. Document360


Document 360 is a software development-oriented platform that offers a knowledge management and content creation system. It allows your team to create and organize comprehensive manuals, FAQs, and help sections.  

Its customizable templates and robust search capabilities make it an effective tool for enhancing self-service and customer support initiatives. 


  • The editorial website streamlines content creation and review processes 
  • The advanced document comparison tool enables effortless tracking of page changes, allowing users to revert to previous versions conveniently 


  • Creating and maintaining SOPs and documents becomes more challenging and time-consuming when a readily accessible library of templates for new content is unavailable 

13. Method Grid 

method grid

With Method Grid, you can create, make, and see your company’s processes and service plans. It’s a flexible platform that lets you try the software out for free with Method Grid’s free trial. 


  • The grid system simplifies complex processes by using themes and stages 
  • You can integrate document storage platforms like OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, along with text, images, and videos 
  • Tasks can be linked to your knowledge base 
  • Each subdomain features customizable application logos and color schemes 


  • Understanding the grid concept and organizing SOPs using the Method Grid format may require some initial effort and time to comprehend fully 

What to Look for When Picking an SOP Software? 

When selecting the best SOP software for your organization, prioritize these crucial considerations: 

1. Simplicity and usability 

To ensure everyone’s smooth adoption of SOP software, choose a solution with an intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation. Additionally, consider programs that offer pre-built SOP templates, as these help with rapid implementation and minimize the onboarding process

2. Learning curve 

Evaluate how quickly your team can grasp the software’s functions. Ensure thorough documentation, live demos, tutorials, and technical support are available to minimize confusion. Avoid software with steep learning curves, which may require extensive training and onboarding resources. 

3. Use cases 

Choose software that aligns with your industry’s specific tasks and meets your company’s unique demands. Ensure the software can be tailored to fit your operations while adhering to industry regulations. 

4. Scalability 

Select SOP software that can adapt and expand as your company grows. Look for software with customizable features that can be upgraded to meet evolving business requirements.  

This eliminates the need for costly and disruptive system overhauls, allowing for seamless implementation of new features, increased storage, and integrations. 

5. Value for money 

To select the best SOP solution for your organization, compare the pricing models of various software options. Consider initial costs, software updates, ongoing support, and other expenses to ensure you’re investing in a solution that aligns with your budget and delivers a positive return on investment. 

Wrapping up 

In short, SOP software is essential in boosting your business efficiency and we cover the different SOP tools, outlining their features, benefits, and pricing to help you pick the one for your unique needs.  

As the industry expands, AI integration, mobile access, and real-time data insights are shaping the future of SOP management. Using these advanced tools allows you to streamline your SOP creation, management, and implementation for enhanced productivity and growth. 

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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