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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

5 Best Tips To Create The Perfect Help Center Articles

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Help center articles are most likely the first help guide your customers will find once they search for information. Help center articles are one of the best ways to reach lots of customers simultaneously.

help center article

To support the statement above, 89% of millennials have used a search engine to find the answer to their customer service question before calling customer service, and 84% have used a self-service portal. Help center articles are perfect for self-service purposes. 

5 Tips for creating perfect help center articles 

While writing self-help articles for customer portals or forums, there are a few essential things to consider. Use the following tips the next time you create help center articles.  

1. Focus on the customer’s perspective

  • From the product perspective, it may seem ideal for customer support teams to put out features and describe them in the articles
  • But this is the wrong approach to solving your customer’s problems
  • The right way to answer your customer’s questions is to write more on the situation and elaborate on scenarios or write from the customer’s or a peer’s point of view

2. Use conversational language

  • Most of the time, instructions and manuals come in technical terms. Jargon makes your product or service categorized challenging to understand
  • The tone needs to be friendly and approachable so the customer does not feel intimidated at any point in time
  • The best approach to using conversational language is to write as one speaks

3. Show empathy

  • Help center articles forums are where customers seek out help. To deal with the frustration of the customer, show that you care
  • The tone of language used in the help center articles needs to have reassurances that calm the users down
  • It is essential to show empathy as a brand to show that you care and calm customers down in panic situations for a better customer experience

4. Add elements to the articles: 

  • Adding hyperlinks for detailed information is essential within self-service articles 
  • With no external help, the help center articles need to have supporting media and redirected hyperlinks to solve problems with an in-depth analysis of the situation 
  • The elements can be anything ranging from QR codes, links, and visual support to make the whole experience interactive

5. Make customers feel intelligent

  • Making your customer feel like they know it all is the key to building the perfect help center article
  • Condescending language is to be avoided while writing help-center articles
  • When customers feel like the product or service is easy to use with fewer complications, they instill loyalty because of brand value and the tone of language used

Benefits of a KM platform in creating help center articles 

A knowledge management platform is one of the ingredients to success in creating the perfect help center articles. Besides that, help center articles would be just one part of self-service.

With a future-faced knowledge management software like Knowmax, creating self-service guides is possible in multiple formats, including FAQs, picture guides, and self-chat guides. Know all the benefits of a KM platform, like Knowmax, in creating all forms of self-service articles. 

1. Unified Knowledge base for all information

  • Having knowledge management software is that all your information is in one unified platform
  • Omnichannel customer service with consistent customer support is enabled through this feature
  • Customers get consistent information on whichever platform they access these self-help guides enabled by KM

2. No-code, DIY creation

  • Creating self-help troubleshooting guides is a simple task with a robust knowledge management platform
  • Take Knowmax KM, for example, where complicated decision trees can be on self-service with next to no complications in creating these scripts since it is a 100% no-code, DIY nature
  • Customers can access these pictures or FAQ guides across all touchpoints, and support teams would have no hassle in learning or creating these as soon as a problem is identified

3. Unique self-service formats

  • Self-service cannot be in just one format. New-age customers prefer interactive ways to engage with brands.
  • Moreover, businesses cannot have self-help guides in just one format. With a robust KM like Knowmax, you have multimedia support coming into place with formats like FAQs, visual guides, articles, and live chat support
  • Having multiple formats speaks to customers looking for different kinds of help in self-service. For example, if a customer wants to change internet settings on the phone, they can visually see the steps on a picture guide instead of just text with action descriptions. 

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4. Automatic FAQs creation

  • Imagine you have Q&As present in a document. And your knowledge management picks up the content and publishes it in a FAQ format, as seen on customer touchpoints
  • Wouldn’t that be amazing? So an AI-backed KM platform like Knowmax has this feature
  • Create FAQs within seconds now, and never let your customers miss out on any information

5. Publish from a single platform

  • Does your business use multiple platforms to create and publish self-service articles or help center articles?
  • Put an end to inconsistencies in information creating and publishing by using a knowledge management platform that enables you to design and publish across all preferred channels from one platform, which is a single source of truth
  • The Knowmax knowledge management platform even lets brands preview content across the platform and see what it looks like on different types of devices


Publishing the perfect help-center articles or self-service is within reach through a future-ready knowledge management platform. Creating, curating, previewing, and broadcasting from one platform creates consistency and enables seamless omnichannel support for all customers and their needs.

Creating perfect self-help guides or self-service articles through knowledge management ultimately aims to improve CX.

Jayanti Sabdani

Content Marketer

Writer. Storyteller. Literature Enthusiast. Jayanti leads content marketing initiatives at Knowmax and amalgamates in-depth research, interviewing, and product messaging to craft marketing content. When not working, she can still be found writing ( because that’s what she loves), reading, and trying out different cuisines.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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