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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Top 7 Online Tools for Insurance Agents

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Tools for Insurance Agents

Imagine an insurance agent, Sarah, who is about to close a big deal. However, she has to attend back-to-back client meetings, manage policy documents, and reply to a long list of pending emails.

She also has to collaborate with her team to plan strategies and get updates on ongoing tasks. That’s not all! She monitors her website’s performance, does marketing, and follows up with prospective clients. 

Here, time is of the essence. Sarah needs a toolkit that streamlines her workflow and ensures no vital detail slips through the cracks.

In this blog, we will explore the top 7 online tools for insurance agents that can revolutionize the way they operate, addressing the unique challenges they face daily. 

From knowledge management to seamless collaboration and effective communication, these tools are tailor-made to enhance productivity and drive success in the dynamic world of insurance. 

1. Knowledge Management Tool – Knowmax


A knowledge management tool breaks down information silos and guides insurance agents with the right knowledge to handle client interactions. 

Knowmax is an AI-powered knowledge management software that empowers insurance agents with precise answers to questions within their workflow.  

Our knowledge base software extends beyond standard articles and FAQs to include next best action workflows and visual how-to guides. The diversity of knowledge formats empowers insurance agents with objection handling for diverse use cases across inbound and outbound calls. 

Seamless integrations with third-party tools like CRM, telephone, chat, etc, ensure contextual and guided knowledge flow for agents across channels. This reduces time spent on information search and empowers agents with more time and energy to close deals faster and deliver outstanding customer experiences. 

Pricing: contact for pricing.


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2. Customer Relationship Management Tool – Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

A customer relationship management tool is a must-have online tool for insurance agents. It helps you effortlessly manage all your client data in one place. 

Whether it’s keeping track of client interactions, lead follow-ups, or automating mundane tasks, a CRM tool covers them all.

Hubspot CRM is one of the best tools for insurance sales agents. With this tool, you can turn your website visitors into qualified leads. This is possible as the tool helps you keep track of all deals and their progress. Thus, no lead slips through, and every client is managed effectively. 

Plus, you are assured that your leads are nurtured throughout the sales process, converting them into loyal customers. 

What sets Hubspot CRM apart from others is its company insight feature. The system automatically enriches new contacts in your database with data from over 20 million businesses.

Therefore, you get access to valuable prospect data, which you can use in your marketing campaigns and outbound sales strategy.

Pricing: The Hubspot CRM is available in free and paid versions. The free plan includes features like task management, email tracking, prospect tracking, and contact management.

However, for premium features like predictive lead scoring, customizable records, advanced CRM, sales automation, and more, you will have to take the paid plans.

There are three paid plans:

  • Strater
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Hubspot CRM saves you time, organizes data, gives access to in-depth prospect information, and ultimately helps you sell more policies and give priority to every lead and client.

3. Document Management Tool – DocuSign


As an insurance agent, you have to handle lots of paperwork, from legal documents and insurance papers to identifying proofs; you must keep a trail of everything for every client.

Moreover, sending documents by registered post for client signatures is a time-consuming process. In this digital age, time is valuable, and you have the means to do the same thing within a matter of a few minutes.

DocuSign is an online document management tool that helps you manage, send, and sign legally binding documents. With DocuSign’s seamless mobile experience, your customers can receive, sign, and share documents virtually from anywhere and on any device.

The best thing about DocuSign is that it accelerates the agreement turn-around time, allowing you to quickly close deals with easy-to-complete forms, advanced workflows, and pre-built connections to core systems and agency management systems.

Another benchmark of DocuSign is its compliance and security features. This online tool for insurance agents includes digital audit trails, authentication, and identity verification tools. These help track agreement activity for compliance support and security.

Pricing: As of 2023, Docusign charges $15, $40, and $60 monthly for personal, standard, and business pro packages. Plus, you can even request for custom pricing which is available for enterprises with specific requirements.

4. Collaboration Tool – Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

If you have a small team working on your website, marketing, sales, and other departments, you will need a platform to communicate and work together.

A digital collaboration tool helps you to:

  • Communicate efficiently with team members
  • Keep track of ongoing tasks
  • Plan future strategies
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Create sales and marketing presentations
  • Have team meetings

Microsoft Teams is one of the most productive online tools for insurance agents. You can chat, share documents, attend meetings, call, and collaborate with your team all in one place.

The plus point of Microsoft Teams is its built-in wiki feature. It can serve as a centralized place for carrier information and discussion among agents, enabling easy access to important updates and coverage details.

Further features like chat and video conferring, live transcription, and Microsoft Sharepoint are bonuses for your team, increasing their productivity and efficiency. 

Pricing: Microsoft Teams have multiple pricing plans as per the features and participant capacity. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Microsoft Teams (free) is available for free. You can add up to 100 participants and get 5GB of cloud storage.
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials comes for $4 user/month where you can add 300 participants per meeting and get around 10 GB of cloud storage per user.
  •  Microsoft Teams Premium is available for $7 per user monthly and comes with unlimited features enabling smarter collaboration with your team.

5. Meeting Scheduling Tool – Calendly


Imagine the blunder of scheduling separate client meetings at the same time. Or completely missing out on an important meeting because you didn’t add it to your calendar.

This is where a meeting scheduling online tool for insurance agents comes into the picture. 

With meeting tools like Calendly, you can easily keep track of your meetings. Calendly allows you to share your availability slots with your clients and team members. This way, they can choose a preferred time that suits both and book meetings with just a few clicks.

As an insurance agent, you can use Calendly to:

  • Schedule presentations with potential clients
  • Schedule policy discussions and review meetings with existing clients
  • Schedule internal team meetings

Pricing: Calendly offers its service through 5 packages. The Free plan comes with basic features, while the Essential plan priced at $8 includes features like multiple calendar connections, customizable scheduling, and access to PayPal, Zapier, and Hubspot.

The Pro Plan costs $12, and you can use features like unlimited event types, customizable email notifications, and more. The Team plan at $16 is for larger teams with advanced features like Salesforce integration and admin-level controls.

For enterprises, Calendly offers customized pricing and features like SAML single sign-on and advanced user provisioning via SCIM.

6. Website Monitoring Tool –  Site24x7

Your website and the customer experience it offers are the digital representation of your insurance services. 

That is why it’s important that your website be optimized for high performance, speed, and user experience. 

If your website is down, full of glitches, or delivers poor UX, it will repel customers. Therefore, it is crucial to identify issues and fix them quickly.

A website monitoring tool like Site24x7 offers a comprehensive, all-in-one website monitoring solution. Site24x7 extends beyond basic website monitoring to enhance the end-user experience. 

With advanced features, it enables monitoring of various internet services, including HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SSL/TLS certificates, SMTP, POP, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web services, and more, from 120+ global locations. 

The platform facilitates server monitoring, allowing users to track outages and identify server issues through root cause analysis. Additionally, Site24x7 provides comprehensive cloud monitoring for both public and private resources. 

It also offers network monitoring for critical devices and application performance monitoring for various platforms like Java,.NET, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and mobile platforms. 

The winning feature of this online tool for insurance agents is its Real User Monitoring (RUM). It evaluates real user experiences by analyzing performance based on factors such as browser, platform, geography, and ISP.

Pricing: Site 24×7 pricing plans are as follows:

  • Free Plan: The free plan includes basic monitoring features, such as 50 basic monitors, 5 advanced monitors, 10 SMS/Voice credits per month, and 5 customer accounts.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $9 per month, this plan includes 10 basic monitors, 1 advanced monitor, 150 SMS/Voice credits per month, and 25 customer accounts.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan costs $35 per month and includes 40 basic monitors, 10 advanced monitors, 250 SMS/Voice credits per month, and 50 customer accounts.
  • Classic Plan: This plan is priced at $89 per month and includes 100 basic monitors, 25 advanced monitors, 400 SMS/Voice credits per month, and 100 customer accounts.
  • Elite Plan: The Elite plan costs $225 per month and includes 250 basic monitors, 35 advanced monitors, 750 SMS/Voice credits per month, and 250 customer accounts.
  • Enterprise Plan: This customized plan is tailored to the specific needs of the organization and requires a quote for the pricing.
  • MSP Plan: The MSP plan is designed for managing multiple customer accounts and starts at $49 per month.


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7. Social Media Management Tool – SocialPilot

Social media marketing will allow you to reach out to a broader audience, establish your credibility, and attract more visitors to your website. This will ultimately help you build strong client relationships, increase engagement, and create a loyal customer base. 

A social media management tool like SocialPilot helps you plan, schedule, post, and monitor key metrics across all your social media platforms. 

SocialPilot excels at scheduling and publishing content seamlessly across various platforms, providing a means to effortlessly expand the reach of your business and engage potential customers. 

This online tool for insurance agents also allows you to enrich posts with videos, images, emojis, GIFs, mentions, and hashtags.

Additionally, SocialPilot empowers you with analytics, delivering valuable insights into the performance of social media accounts. This data is crucial for informed decision-making, enabling users to analyze results and implement necessary adjustments.

The platform also features a user-friendly Social Inbox, facilitating real-time engagement with the social media audience. This feature ensures prompt and efficient communication with followers. 

Plus, the tool supports collaboration by enhancing team efficiency. You can invite team members and clients to collaborate on specific accounts, fostering seamless teamwork in managing and optimizing your social media presence.

Pricing: SocialPilot has 5 pricing plans namely Professional plan at $25.50/month, Small Team plan at $42.50/month, Agency Plan plan at $85/month, Agency+ plan at $170, and Custom plan.


In a fast-paced work landscape, choosing the right online tools is key to boosting productivity without adding unnecessary complexity. Prioritize utility, ease of use, responsiveness, pricing, and security features.

This curated set of tools spans marketing, sales, website performance, client experience, and team collaboration, offering a seamless solution for insurance agents navigating multifaceted challenges. 

Nitin Saxena

Sr. Vice President

Nitin has 25 years of experience working at companies like HP and Mphasis. For more than 14 years, he has been a key figure at KocharTech (Knowmax's parent company), skillfully navigating operations, training, and quality management responsibilities across international and domestic sectors. Currently, he oversees Business Operations at Maxicus.

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