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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Customer Service Knowledge Management For Call Centers

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Knowledge management for customer service is the foundation of success for a business. With information spread across multiple silos, it is inaccessible in different files and formats and does not constitute knowledge unless refined into meaningful insight. A knowledge management system solves this challenge and structures information, making it contextual and actionable. 

knowledge management in call center

For call-center agents, providing seamless access to the right information at the correct time helps improve the quality of customer service. An intelligent customer service knowledge management also releases pressure on contact centers by deflecting calls to self-service channels pushing modern-day customers to digital self-service.

Hence, helping enterprises deliver consistent, omnichannel support, thereby improving the C-SAT and NPS scores. 

7 Customer Service KPIs That Can Be Improved By Using Knowledge Management In Call Centers

Customer Experience is one of the biggest differentiators today. 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the process difficult. With multiple API integrations in a robust knowledge base management, the customer data can be seamlessly accessed to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Below are the top 7 customer service KPIs and how next-gen knowledge management in call centers help in improving the same:

1. Average handle time

A robust Knowledge Management solution acts like the bible for agents to handle all customer calls easily and confidently.

With all information at agents’ fingertips, they can quickly find correct answers to customer queries. This improves the resolution quality and decreases the Average handle time (AHT) of customer calls in the call center.

With Knowmax Knowledge Management, enterprises have reduced the average handle time by up to 30%.

2. First call resolution

Without an intelligent Knowledge Management System, customer service teams might find it extremely difficult to solve all customer queries in the first place.

Knowledge management for support teams helps achieve first-call resolution, one of the biggest customer service challenges in today’s era, marked by demanding and impatient customers.

3. Agent error

Agent error arises from a lack of correct, contextual, and actionable information. Hence, a significant reason is the absence of sound knowledge management. Access to proper knowledge base tools can reduce agent error to provide superior customer service for an elevated CX. 

4. Abandon rate

With multiple tickets continuously getting piled up, it becomes tough for agents to attend each call. A good knowledge management system intelligently deflects all such queries to self-service platforms.

A priority list ensures agents’ assistance with complex queries while petty queries get dropped out. This relieves pressure on call centers and reduces support costs by 15-20%.

5. Customer experience

With many products and solutions in the market, today’s customer is spoiled for choice. Hence, ensuring a cutting-edge customer experience is essential to ensure customer stickiness.

A knowledge management system helps in providing a superior customer experience by ensuring seamless customer engagement through access to correct information across multiple touchpoints.  

6. Customer satisfaction

While building loyalty with customers takes a long time, just one poor experience is enough to trigger customer churn. A good knowledge base software utilizes AI and reads customer patterns to pre-determine their requirements.

This helps provide seamless customer service on time and ensure personalized customer experiences. A robust KM platform can play a massive role in improving CSAT scores thus increasing brand loyalty.  

7. Service levels

The contact center workforce deals with multiple queries about various processes. This gets tedious and monotonous and requires quality training for refreshers to keep agents aware and up-to-date.

A good knowledge management system acts as a single source of truth and keeps agents updated, thus maintaining proper service levels.

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Top 4 Knowledge Management Tools For Call Centers

1. Decision trees

Our intelligent decision tree software solves complex customer queries. It improves customer communication through a couple of simplified steps—it smoothness out complex technical processes in call handling with a step-by-step intuitive workflow.

2. Knowledge base

A knowledge base is a comprehensive repository of enterprise-wide knowledge that can be the go-to source for call-center agents to solve customer queries. With intuitive search capability and easy navigation, it can significantly improve agent experience, translating into customer satisfaction.

Articles, FAQs, and how-to guides push users toward self-service, given its rising popularity with new-age tech-savvy customers. 

3. Visual how-to guides

Ensure excellent customer service with visual guides that pictorially provide step-by-step resolution. Device guides and conversion into videos can significantly enhance CX. Cultivate digital adoption and self-service with visual components of knowledge management systems.

4. AI bots

Make AI chatbots more effective and dependable to solve advanced problems and provide human-like resolutions using NLP. Empower your bot with AI and advanced ML training.

Integrated with an entire knowledge repository, Chatbots permit customers to get the correct answers within the ideal time, providing more robust support.


Customers of today’s digital age are far more aware. This makes them the best critics of your services and jeopardizes an organization’s goodwill if their service quality is not desirable.

The knowledge base system at call centers assists contact center agents throughout their journey. From training to the creation and dissemination of knowledge to supercharge the level of customer service delivered.

It also helps with self-service by assisting organizations in going digital and reducing support costs.  

Nitin Saxena

Sr. Vice President

Nitin has 25 years of experience working at companies like HP and Mphasis. For more than 14 years, he has been a key figure at KocharTech (Knowmax's parent company), skillfully navigating operations, training, and quality management responsibilities across international and domestic sectors. Currently, he oversees Business Operations at Maxicus.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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