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Knowledge Base: How To Create One For Customer Service?

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Customer service is a qualitative term that serves as a decisive metric when referring to the success of a contact center. Customer service though, does not remain limited to the calls circulating within a contact center. It rather spreads out to self-service and automated service assistance. A knowledge base helps the organization to encapsulate all such knowledge at one place thus creating a single source for all organizational truth. This eases the agents and the users as well while interaction and resolution by reaping time benefits… and ‘time is money’ who shall deny!

What is knowledge base?

A knowledge base refers to a huge digital library that contains an entire record of all of the organization’s reports, records, data, and information pertaining to all suppliers, dealers, customers, agents, feedbacks, etc. This entire thing is classified and chronologically arranged where needed. The channel that shall carry any such information is pre decided by the designation of the user and the need for accessibility.

Clearing a misconception, a knowledgebase is never meant to improvise and provide all what a customer needs. A customer once spun-off due to a loophole is a customer lost forever until otherwise market miracles. Products now days have far less effect on consumers as the service it carries alongside.

As much as 78% of the customers base their shopping decisions purely on the type of services that follow.

Knowledgebase is actually an aid to study the product deeply and presume beforehand all the expected troubles and hurdles and list all cautions that must be taken to prevent the same. A major part of this includes training the agents and the experts about all product features and the step to deal with the same. A great knowledge base, in addition to the above also makes the customers aware of the probable hurdles and how to deal with them on their own.

Benefits of knowledge base

“62% of customers think that having knowledgeable employees is the third most important aspect needed for a company to provide good customer service”.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

to put it simply, a good knowledgebase leaves no stone unturned for both the organization and the customers as well. With well trained and skilled workforce on board, it is a cream to satisfy the customers quickly turning each factor to benefit. This improves CSAT for long course of business.

Customer retention

A rally of choices available and a thin pin to keep the customer attached is a real trick. With self-service available, customers can solve petty queries on their own thereby avoiding any waste of time waiting in long call center queues with the never-ending ring tones.

Increased revenues

All investment is done to earn revenues. The investments in contact centers and customer services are increasing with the inclusion of tech advancements. Nevertheless, an increase of 5% in CRR can effectively boost up revenues and profits by 25-95%.

Consistency of information

The information delivered by a bot is programmed and created by humans as well and the ones delivered via agents, obviously! To bring consistency to the knowledge base is not that tough if good knowledge creation software is used thereby implementing content reuse.


It might not be obvious but gets implemented that with a good knowledge base an organization can maintain its values and tonality even via the bots, self service platforms and the support executives thereby helping in building brand image and fetching goodwill.

Ticket deflection

A good knowledge base is concrete with all the facts and is updated to the times. It helps in automatic query distribution thus aligning a query with the self service, technical team, field experts, and agents as and when needed. This feature helps saving time of agents on otherwise too petty or too complicated tickets reducing AHT.

Features of knowledge base


The knowledge base needs to be speedy in display of required information to help the users and the agents attain the solution quickly. A great speed makes the website, app or any other channel easily accessible thereby helping in quick resolutions as well.


The knowledge being circulated through the knowledge base requires being accurate so as to erode any remote chances of agent error of incorrect information being passed on to the users. Knowmax creates the knowledge base under the guidance of product experts to avoid any mistake from slipping in.


The information in circulation should always be consistent so that it can be integrated over various channels and platforms. Multiple checks being carried out by content creators, admins, and super admins make the content apt and consistent so as to facilitate content retagging.


Knowledge base tends to be integrated overall touchpoints giving an omnichannel presence to the customer service from the organization’s end. The consumer can reach out to an organization over any platform having to feed in the details and list complaints just once.

Ease of use

The website or app when serviced under Knowmax gets all your visitors facilitated with a tour to explore the portal of self-service and the process of usage. It removes any hurdles the user might otherwise face. This pre-assumption of problems and their solution makes the access to service easy as well.

Division of labour

Through knowledge base, a lot of tickets that pertain to petty queries can be deviated over the self-service platforms thereby helping the users in finding a solution for their problems on their own. Bot assistance is provided to further comfort the user.


The knowledge base is distributed over all platforms that can be accessed all the time thus lifting any restrictions towards getting a problem solved during man-hours only. Assistance to a person through a bot is also provided further helping a user get over a bumper if hit at all.

How to create a knowledge base

Knowledge base articles

Articles are long full pagers of information pertaining to a particular problem. Articles address the problem in-depth thus making them supplements agent knowledge and user’s additional interests. It is detail about the product, its features, and product-related queries and potential solutions to the same. With Knowmax, you can create articles about any product in the customer’s native language to train the agent before getting them hands-on with callers looking for a solution.

Steps to create knowledge base article into Knowmax

  • Open the article hosting page of the knowledge base
  • Click on “Create single-page article”
  • Create an article, use editor tool to change or add – font, color, style, alignment, tables, etc
  • Add an image by browsing or upload from system
  • Add a video by inserting URL
  • Add URL of a knowledge source by providing a text link
  • Link with another module by selecting text to be linked and linking
  • Save, categorize, insert keywords and you are ready to go

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Knowledge base FAQ

FAQs are a list of all the questions that relate to a product or to a particular aspect of a product or service. The product and content experts study the product and the type of queries flowing in and deduce some of the top hitting keywords and questions. They are all compiled in a list format for the ease of use by both agents and self-service users as well.

Steps to create knowledge base FAQs into Knowmax:

  • Open the FAQ hosting page of the knowledge base
  • Click on “Q&A articles”
  • Enter the question in ‘Input Question’ and answer in ‘Input Answer’ boxes respectively
  • Click on ‘+’ to add new sets of question and answer
  • Use editor tool to bold, italic and underline the content
  • Change the sequence of questions by dragging and dropping
  • Link with another module by selecting questions to be linked and linking
  • Add an image by browsing or upload from system
  • Add URL of a knowledge source by providing a text link
  • Save, categorize, insert keywords and you are ready to go

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Interlinking of knowledge base tools for interactive customer service

Decision Trees

Interactive decision tree software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions through a series of questions accompanied by multi-choice type answers.  This streamlined technical process for support teams and customers has a step-by-step intuitive workflow.

Visual Guides

It is the visual assistance that agents need while handling complex customer interactions. Picture guides ensure best for agents and users by allowing faster and efficient resolutions using images as a better tool as compared to words. Visual guides support resolutions for multiple devices like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, etc.

Knowledge base Chatbots

Chatting might be a waste of time according to the universal association of parents and bosses. What if it was this chat itself that gave you great C-SAT insights and ornamented NPS scores? Use knowledge base chatbot as an interactive Knowledgebase tool to integrate over any platform and be capable of disseminating consistent information at each touch-point.


A knowledgebase is an essential requisite to help businesses expand their functions and lower down OPEX. The outputs seem a long list to be but the planning and strategy that goes behind building one are humungous. A lot of studies are wrapped around the product and the pre and post-purchase services. The problems and the channels that the operator have them dealt through. The extent to which problems can arise and their all probable solutions too must be listed. The best-suited mode of connecting and to deviate petty calls only to the self-service channels is essential as well.

In a nutshell, the relation between the knowledge base and customer service is multi-layered and almost encrypted with inter-dependant characteristics. A good knowledge base assures of great customer service delivering maximum satisfaction in turn increasing the customer retention value. This helps a brand to reach out to newer market venues and create a niche target group supported at the backend with skilled, trained, and equipped agents and experts.


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