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Knowledge Base System: 4 Features Of KMS That Elevate CX

Now that you know the reasons why knowledge management for customer service is practical, there are unique features you need to look for in a knowledge base system that results in excellent customer service. Let us look at the elements of knowledge management software that make the goals possible.

1. Knowledge base system

Under the knowledge base system, the essential feature is a knowledge base. A knowledge base structures and organizes all your existing content. The organization and division of it into departments makes it accessible at the right time to the right person.

A knowledge base system helps push out the same information throughout all platforms. This means information available on self-service sections like FAQs or device repositories has the same information when looked at on any device.

How this feature elevates seamless customer experience can be explained in two ways. One, it provides customers the best help with remarkable consistency across all touchpoints. Two, even if the customer calls an agent, they would have all the information stored in one place to solve the customer’s query by accessing this knowledge base.

2. Virtual support

Virtual support through knowledge management has a face of its own.  Powered by Augmented Reality (AR), it supports contactless customer service. Virtual support involves co-browsing methods where an agent can connect to the customer’s computer with permission and solve the issue.

For customers struggling to set up a gadget or fix one, virtual support would be a great way to solve it. In virtual support, the agent chats with live video of the customer on, pointing, or showing the concerned product that requires assistance.

The agent can themselves mark where to insert a specific wire and more. Customer’s experience is elevated through virtual contactless support as they do not have to wait for a field agent to visit them to solve an issue; customers can fix it on their own.

3. Self-service support

For any problem a customer might face, they might first look for answers themselves before wanting to call or chat with a call center agent. Through knowledge management software, one can push out information like FAQs and articles for data without an agent’s assistance.

Another way knowledge management software enables self-service is through decision trees on a chatbot. Decision trees are graphical representations of the following best action to take. These decision trees help customers make the best action for themselves through a chatbot.

Not only does this help with call deflection, but it also reduces the need for the customer to call for customer support. When customers can solve queries on their own, their customer experience is elevated by not having to wait for answers and look it up themselves.

4. Visual guides

Humans respond to and process visual data faster than they do any other type of data. A knowledge management platform should not only have a bulk of information but a neat presentation of it for a glance.

For example: Navigating through the settings of an appliance or device is made easy with visual guides on a knowledge base system, like Knowmax. The pictorial guide goes through every specific step: how to access the toolkit of a device, set up applications, and more.

How this elevates customer experience is that it provides an interactive interface for the customer. Device guides empower self-service; it enriches how a customer uses the product they purchased and reassures them that all assistance they need is available to them.


Knowledge base system for customer service elevates the customer service experience. With so many customers opting out of wanting to call for services, a knowledge management platform takes customer service to the next level with a great variety of ways to solve customers’ problems. Contactless service from the preferred location at a preferred time by the customer is possible through a structured knowledge base powered by knowledge management software.

Want to elevate your customer’s experience too? Try our knowledge management software now!

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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