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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Future of Knowledge Management In 2024

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2023 is projected to be the year of speedy customer service and will decide the future of knowledge management. Out of 107 million customer service interactions analyzed, speed has the most significant impact on customer satisfaction. How can your contact center keep up with the pace and satisfy customers simultaneously? 


The story of contact centers in any industry is the same- to keep customers satisfied or resolve customer queries accurately and efficiently. 93% of customer service teams agree that today’s customers have higher expectations than ever before. With ever-increasing expectations, contact centers need to keep up before they create the gap.

Hence, contact centers need to keep up before they create the gap between customers’ expectations and the deliverability of customer service through platforms like knowledge management that provide seamless customer experiences. 

Before we get what you need in your knowledge management system in 2024, let us look at the KM trends that may decide the future of knowledge management in 2024 by the APQC on KM experts and practitioners.

  • 44% of knowledge management experts believe KM could use AI to recommend information or articles that are highly relevant
  • 40% of knowledge managers believe knowledge management will adopt an AI-driven search for organizational communication
  • 42% of the KM experts surveyed predict that knowledge management is essential for hybrid or remote work culture
  • 29% of KM practitioners feel that KM can easily bridge the knowledge silos and gaps during the pandemic
  • 40% of those surveyed believe knolwedge management will integrate seamlessly into any ISV without much difficulty
  • 28% of KM experts agree that knowledge management is essential for upskilling employees

These aren’t just trends projected from KM experts but are essential aspects required and projected to make a KM the robust platform it is. A platform that seamlessly performs the job of knowledge creation, sharing, and elevating information accessibility in any situation.

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Key Benefits of Knowledge Management 

Knowledge management systems like Knowmax are visionaries and catch onto trends early on. There are knowledge management systems already trying to reach the expectations of the contact centers around the world. Following are the benefits Knowmax knowledge management system offers:

1. Enhances CX through self-service

  • Exceptional customer service starts from a customer’s first point of contact with any resolution platform.
  • A knowledge management system enables customers to solve simple queries on their own through customer self-service platforms.
  • This saves time and is easy as customers avoid long waiting times or speak to an executive.

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2. Single-sign-on

  • A contact center needs to have seamless integrations with the ISVs used in the system
  • Knowledge management tools that can integrate this feature will bring the benefit of a single-sign-on
  • Having a single sign-on would mean less screen toggling and not needing to remember unnecessary information

3. Bridges data silos

  • The knowledge gap, either due to siloed information or no access to it, typically hinders customer service
  • With a knowledge management software like Knowmax for customer service, internal and external knowledge can be shared precisely 
  • User management and bridging the information gap through Knowledge Management helps in increasing productivity

4. Fast track access to files

  • Imagine having a customer on call or chat and your customer service executive looking for the correct delivery information.
  • A knowledge management platform with meta-tags with intuitive search makes it easier to find the content one wants to access.
  • In-document search helps with reducing time to get to the customer with the correct information.

5. Eases training

  • Having a knowledge management system that comes with tools like quiz management and learning modules through an LMS help executives learn.
  • Whether new or old, customer care executives need not memorize scripts with thousands of words.
  • The feature helps executives learn new things without facing many difficulties on the job.

How to choose Knowledge Management for your organization?

The research that goes into the process of choosing a KM for your organization must seem tedious since there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. Following are 4 simple steps to choosing the right knowledge management software.

1. Identify your knowledge needs

The first step to choosing any knowledge management is identifying what kind of knowledge needs the organization has. This would mean looking at and analyzing the knowledge creation and sharing patterns that exist organization-wide.

2. Look for the right knowledge base provider

After identifying your organizational knowledge needs, look for a provider that helps with organizational-specific goals that resonate with your plans on organizing knowledge. 

3. Choose the KM with the right tools

The features of knowledge management turn your vision into live-action mode. Tools that provide the next best actions and have pictorial resolution options like visual guides, simplify processes.

4. Check the adaptability of the KM

Knowledge and technology are not static. You must assess the adaptability of a knowledge management platform on whether it can adapt to changing market and customer expectations; as well as cater to the needs of various demographics with features like multilingual ability and content migration.

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Knowledge management has the scope to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organization overall. If you do not look out for the new updates, additions, and enhancements in the knowledge management world, you might not keep up with your customer’s expectations.

So gear up and make 2024 the year of speedy and satisfactory customer service by investing in an excellent knowledge management strategy, that helps you provide an exceptional customer experience.

Prabhjot Singh

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Prabhjot Singh, a B2B SaaS digital marketer with 6 years of experience, specializes in boosting startups' online organic presence. His expertise includes crafting tailored strategies to increase brand visibility, drive engagement, and boost conversions. Prabhjot's innovative approach and deep industry knowledge make him a trusted partner for startups aiming to scale their online presence.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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