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Updated On: Apr 10, 2024

Features Of Knowledge Base That Improve CX By 60%

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Features of a knowledge base

Features of knowledge base are exponentially useful to improve customer satisfaction.

Imagine a customer contacting your contact center, and your agent is scrambling for information as there is no proper location or knowledge for all the content. Unavailability of knowledge could lead to a colossal uprise in support costs, as we all know time is money. The more time the agent spends to toggle for information, the more the Average Handle Time (AHT)

The increase in Average Handle Time (AHT) directly affects the KPIs of the contact center. A solution to avoid situations like these and find all information you need on a single platform is why organizations must have a knowledge base. 

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. The tool that enables a knowledge base is knowledge management software. Together a knowledge base platform is elevated for employees to search for and find organizational information. 

Knowledge base means information stored in a system. As we mentioned the use of knowledge management system, a knowledge base also refers to a platform used to create content and present it. Content in a knowledge base can be represented in various forms such as FAQs, articles, videos, lists, step-by-step guides, etc. 

A knowledge base is a collection of all data and content mentioned above in various content forms. A knowledge base can have multiple settings and multiple functions for multiple users. To have the ease of creating, curating, distributing, and managing all this content, you need state-of-the-art features. 

8 must have features of knowledge base

As discussed, a knowledge base software needs to have certain features for the cycle of content creation, curation, distribution, and management to go smoothly. Any knowledge base created must have the following elements in this day and age to ensure exceptional customer service.

Following are the eight must-have features in a knowledge base.

1.  Impeccable search

Data stored on a knowledge management platform content should be within a user’s reach. Knowledge base for support agents needs to have this feature. If an agent is on call and immediately needs information, they can search for the information in the search bar. 

For example, a knowledge base like Knowmax has google- like elastic search that allows users to search according to the keywords present in the content. Through search, one can see the form of content the searched keyword can be accessed through.

2. Ease of content creation

A knowledge base platform is the means through which new content is created. For content to be made with proper formatting, all settings need to be present to size and align content, including features that help highlight and create indentations. 

Formatting tools are a must-have if you are looking for an all-in-one platform. Having this feature eliminates the need to use several platforms for creating and distributing information.

3. Multilingual ability

In the globalized world we live in today, it is essential to cater to people in the language they understand the most. What language is preferred should come from the statistics of the region being catered to. 

Nothing is more significant than a knowledge base that can create content in the customer’s preferred language. A knowledge base that can do this is a big plus point to the face of customer service and inclusivity.

4. User settings

A knowledge base for support teams means that different designations in the team will have a specific function that reflects the access to content. A robust Knowledge base run by a knowledge management software like Knowmax allows you to select the access given to various stakeholders. 

An admin can be given all rights, whereas a content writer or author is given only content creation. Some agents are given only view options. This ensures right people have access to features of a knowledge base

5. Interactive widgets

A knowledge base can have all the information globally. Still, there is no benefit if it is not easy to access this information, which is why you should look for knowledge management that not only makes communication easy to find but has user-friendly widgets. 

With a knowledge base platform like Knowmax, you can notify users of the platform as and when new content is introduced. Knowmax knowledge base platform has a bell icon for notifications, banners on the homepage for announcements, favorites bar, etc. A few widgets are customizable according to users’ preferences too.

6. Content location

A knowledge base can be marked as a perfect platform only when it can decrease the need for agents to learn every word of a document. Expert or not, it is challenging for all agents to memorize each article. Therefore your knowledge base platform needs to search within the article to scroll through and look for relevant information. 

A knowledge base interface must also have a clean user interface (UI) for customer executives to identify and segregate information into preferred.

7. Enables self-service

Your knowledge base platform needs to keep up with present-day scenarios and the expectations of customers. To do that knowledge base for self-service is a must. 

With a smooth knowledge base, software deploys selective information such as FAQs, articles, picture guides, and more, as customer self-service guides. This helps customers look for needed information, but it also helps deflect unnecessary tickets at the contact center.

8. Backup of files

An author works on a file for days and then suddenly deletes it. Or a new agent is given access to modify content accidentally clicks the wrong button and deletes the file of content. What do you do then?

Fret not, with a knowledge base system, information is not only stored on the cloud, but all files also have a backup, deleted or not. This means that even if a file is accidentally deleted, your information is still safe on the platform. 


If you follow the above checklist, be rest assured that you are using the best-of-class knowledge base platform. It is crucial to look for a knowledge base that performs all the functions stated above and more. To ease your search, you can try the Knowmax knowledge management platform that comes with a knowledge base with all the must-have functions listed above. So waste no time and try the Knowmax way

Jayanti Sabdani

Content Marketer

Writer. Storyteller. Literature Enthusiast. Jayanti leads content marketing initiatives at Knowmax and amalgamates in-depth research, interviewing, and product messaging to craft marketing content. When not working, she can still be found writing ( because that’s what she loves), reading, and trying out different cuisines.

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