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CX Roadblocks: Customers, Contact Center Agents, & Its Healing Hermit

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86% of customers are willing to pay more for better experience

CX hurdles for contact center agents and the customers are real. There exists no such thing as carelessness on the job for an agent as every customer service executive is always trying to progress ahead in a job which means vertical promotion.

As for your customers, they have invested their hard-earned money and time in analyzing through tons of options and landing on yours. Customers always expect a full return for the value invested plus extra in the form of auxiliaries.

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Customers’ responses to CX surveys

“I am somewhat satisfied.”

“I am highly dissatisfied.”

“I have a bone to pick with those company people!”

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A customer is primarily looking towards flaunting their newly acquired asset thus promoting you as well. While a happy customer shall only speak of you to 3-4 people at most, a grieving customer is sure to reach out to 10-15 people striking you with a negative image in the market.


Let’s take a look at the pain points

“I am somewhat satisfied”

The agents probably could not find the right answers instantly. Customer had to explain the problem twice or another agent picked up the second time and could not understand the issue clearly.

“I am highly dissatisfied.”

The customer could have had to call multiple times to get the issue resolved. Every time a  new agent might be taking up the call, being stranger to the situation. This throws the customers into a downward spiral of multiple calls and more explanation than resolution. Customer metrics tremble down resulting in customer churn.

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“I have a bone to pick with those company people!”

This point is beyond control. Negativity saturates your market owing to poor planning and execution on multiple fronts. The customers have already left the host company and have joined hands with your biggest competitor. Only thing left for you to do is pick lessons and turn existing policies into rubble. Start from scratch again and build yourself cautiously.

CX issues as reported by agents

The agents encounter various issues related to similar or different products. The solution to every single and probable problem cannot be covered in training or through guide manuals. A lot of spontaneity is required from the agent’s side to keep the customer engaged meanwhile solutions are searched.

“The answers were not there.”

Agents find it difficult to support their service quality levels when they are unable to find the right answers at the right time. A proper repository must always be maintained with solutions in the form of step by step workflows that takes them closer to resolution, how-to visual guides, FAQs and more.

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“I didn’t know how to handle the customer.”

When the training is incomplete or inefficient, it becomes difficult for agents to handle customers’ outburst. It can be to report them to supervisors to use slang language or simply anxiousness getting in the way of resolution.

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6 ways to detangle customer experience challenges

1. Customer journey mapping is the first step to be taken in the field of CX challenges. Read the feedback on content from agents and end-users and plan all the essential changes you have to make. Strategies must always be created after constructive brainstorming of all concerned people.

2. Keep your knowledge base customer-centric. If your customer experience is to be improved, your customer must be the scale to measure all other activities you carry out. Choose the platform and the language to suit their needs as well. They are not mechanics or technicians, work for their ease.

3. Keep your CRM and customer database updated. Historic data is as essential as the current data streams are. Deduce a pattern and predict sudden turns in the market. To your customers, you are a making force of the market which is why you should be ready to match their demands instantly.

4. Open up free channels of communication. Let your customers engage in open-for-all conversations. This forms a community being the fastest way to create networking growth. Not only will this establish a strong and transparent brand image, but it shall also earn customer loyalty and trust securing CX and CSAT scores for the long run.

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5. Self-service is a non-negotiable essential. When common queries move to self-service and digital channels, complicated queries take the attention of experts. Neither do the customers have to wait long for their turn on call (cause for negative AHT) nor will the agents get taken up in repetitive issues (cause of poor knowledge management).

What to look for while selecting your knowledge management partner: Download checklist

6. AR/VR/MR to the rescue. Agents do not need superpowers to facilitate their operations but they surely stand in need of solutions that could ease connectivity and explain complications while dealing with extended and crucial technical issues of priority. Remember, speedy and smooth digitization is not a myth and shouldn’t be treated as one.

Data doesn’t lie:


While trembling CX figures might be one of their kind nightmares, it is equally important to stop magnifying the end result and pay attention to the entire chain of command. 

Every piece of communication, especially the ones highlighting discomfort must be received with complete diligence. Key to healthy CX lies in ASAT (agent satisfaction) before CSAT (customer satisfaction)

Many KPIs need proper time to reflect the result and so each move must be patient yet calculated on risks.

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