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Knowledge Base For Training Customer Service Agents

8 mins read

Customer service training is an essential activity for any contact center. To be specific, training makes an employee’s day-to-day functioning easier since training is the foundation of the person’s journey in the organization.

Of 1,000 consumers surveyed in a study, 65 percent said they had ended their relationship with a brand over a single customer service miscue. To retain customers and brand value is precisely why you need to have customer service training in three words for exceptional customer service. 

Importance of training customer service agents

1. Improved skills

Your organization’s employees could be coming from a background that might not be relevant to what goes on in your organization. Training helps improve the skills of the person no matter what their past work experience might have been. 

2. In level with the organization

In the training sessions, organizations must educate employees about what the organization is and what they do. Training here makes employees understand and align their personal goals with the organizational goals. 

3. Improved customer satisfaction

For a customer service agent or executive, one of the main aspects or end goals is to achieve customer satisfaction through their work. Training massively impacts the way customer service executives interact with your customers. 

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d. Brand identity

An organization’s employees are who build the brand. If the employees are not trained as soon as they enter the organization, then it would be a massive mismatch in the way your brand is represented to the world. 

4 Challenges in training customer service agents 

1. Unique individuals 

  •  Every individual’s learning pace is different from their peers. While training in a group, not all employees will understand or catch onto new concepts quickly. 
  • With mass training sessions, it is equally challenging for trainers to focus on 

2. Limited resources

  • Resources to train could be less and one of the main challenges in training customer service agents
  • Training in day-to-day activities may prove to be more effective than going at it all at once.

3. Measuring the effectiveness

  • Giving training and then taking a test for the same is a generic practice. However, this does not measure the effectiveness session. 
  • It happens so because what they learned during training is still fresh in their minds. One would need to re brush on specific topics as they get into their daily activities. 

4. High training costs

  • Training is a time-consuming and expensive activity because the human resource hired is not up to their total functioning capacity. 
  • Two, training takes up the time of experienced individuals and costs to set up training from professionals or experts to guide the newbies. 

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How does a knowledge base enhance customer service training?

Knowledge management for support agents is essential for the journey of a customer executive or an agent in the organization. Organizations can overcome the challenges listed above with at least one or more of the following benefits a knowledge base offers. 

A knowledge base for customer service provides a single source of truth for all employees of the organization, making training enhanced for any employee in any department. Let us look at a few ways how a knowledge base helps:

1. Time to proficiency

  • Training is a time-consuming process, but not when it is incorporated into the daily activities of the customer care executive. With an internal knowledge base in place, an employee does not take long to understand things. 
  • With modules and different methods to improve soft skills, a knowledge management system can provide more such modules to employees for customer service training. 
  • Overall, knowledge management features with a knowledge base in the center make the employee’s training time-specific and limited with great learning. 

2. Quiz management

  • The quiz management system is a feature that comes with knowledge management software like Knowmax.
  • This feature helps retain knowledge and remember what the agent forgets during or after the call with customers. 
  • The quiz management can be incorporated into the knowledge base through modules, making the learning process easier. 
  • An online knowledge base with a search feature makes an agent’s life simple. Newbies do not have to remember all the information and just the title or keywords to look for the info.
  • With an in-document search feature like the one that comes with the Knowmax knowledge base, one need not memorize an entire article. 
  • The search feature is beneficial to access organizational information that has a vast repository. 

4. Learning on the go

  • There isn’t a set time to learn anything in life, and it is an ongoing process. In the same way, teaching in a contact center executive’s life is constant. 
  • With new things coming and going, everyone needs to be updated. A knowledge base that comes with a lite LMS is always beneficial for existing and new employees. 
  • Additionally, organizations can have separate courses for the betterment of individual skills as well. 


The importance that training is given or the treatment it gets differs when it comes to the actual training part. With knowledge base management and its robust features like learning management and more, training costs are reduced, but it increases customer service executives’ learning cycle efficiency.

No matter what kind of organization it is, a knowledge base for customer service with features that aid in training is bound to increase employees’ skills. This practice builds your brand image and eventually leads to improved customer satisfaction. 

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