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4 Reasons Why You Must Deploy Automated Customer Service

7 mins read

31.7% of major companies already use AI to augment their customer service. There is a significant reason behind this. As times are changing, lifestyles and customers’ needs change as well. One of the best ways to keep up in the digital age of customer service is to have automated customer service.

You do not necessarily need to follow the trend blindly. But to be honest, we all know digital transformation is on its way to changing the ways people work. In a way, we can look at automated customer service as one such service that improves functionality and maintains customer satisfaction

What is the need for customer service automation?

The Future of Customer Support = AI + Human Support Agents. But the future is now. With rapid advances in technology, it is wise to grow along with new technology developments rather than wait for the best version of it. 

Customer service automation smoothens a lot of functionalities in terms of customer service. The following are why automated customer service is the need of the hour for all organizations. 

1. Availability of personnel

  • Humans can only do so much work, and it is limited. Automation of customer service helps a great deal here. How? Automated customer service can pick up less critical problems to give humans who assist customers a breather.
  • The approach to follow here is to think of technology as an extra hand to help humans rather than a technology that replaces your loyal and hard workers
  • Availability of personnel becomes limited as time passes; you cannot expect humans to work round the clock. Instead, you can bring in automated services to reduce the existing load of existing employees.

2. Customer expectations

  • Time changes everything. With the changing times, the standard of living of a large section of customers is bound to change. Customer expectations are not set in stone, so adopting technology like automated customer service might help
  • Why is this? If you notice the pattern in the likeliness of people to call versus search for themselves online, you’d see the odds of customers looking for solutions for themselves is high
  • With automated customer service, call deflections can happen in a win-win situation, where customers are getting answers without long hold due to automation and avail contactless services

3. Beat your competition

  • One of the best ways to beat your competition in providing service comes from customer satisfaction and experience rather than the product
  • If you have noticed the statistic above, only significant companies use AI to augment their customer service
  • Being the first to do something among the competition gives you a more significant edge, especially when it comes to customer service

4. Digital journey

  • If you follow the trend of post-pandemic shopping habits, you may notice that many customers are now accustomed to buying things online. This means they would not prefer to opt for an offline channel for customer service.
  • Customer support in the digital era means shifting customers seeking help from one platform to another. In this case, it would be from offline to online services.
  • Automated customer services can be easily deployed for customers on all digital platforms to help customers help themselves. A well-made customer service platform might as well reduce support team expenses.

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How does AI accelerate automated customer service? 

AI-customer service is, in a way, a synonym with automated customer service. Elaborating on this artificial intelligence is a crucial part of the functionalities of automated customer service. Read how below: 

1. NLP support

  • When added with the power of natural language processing, Automated customer support enables human-like interaction with any customer. The AI software analyzes the customer and their needs first.
  • Secondly, any conversation with customers over phone, text, email, voice, or chat appears human-like and can happen in regional languages
  • In terms of a chatbot, AI-powered customer service is one of the best ways to give a human touch to the tools you use in your business

2. No fixed support time

  • New-age customers do not confine themselves to a particular time. Not just that, many people have different schedules they work on.
  • Majorly the world works on a 9-hour shift, which means an average working customer will have to schedule their calendar to seek help for a product or service they purchased
  • While most millennials see this as a hindrance, you can take the support of automated customer service and push round-the-clock customer support for all customers to fit into their schedules

3. Suggests next best action

  • Automated support can happen quickly without human intervention when a sound knowledge base backs the customer support team or system
  • Customer service automation with a sound knowledge base that enables AI-powered customer service can suggest the next best action for the customer to take
  • The power to analyze data and put forth the next best action would mean that the time taken to solve customer problems reduces and with improved resolutions

4. Learn customer behavior patterns

  • With AI in place for automated customer service, you do not just ease customer support in the literal sense but can study tier behavioral patterns too
  • Studying customer behavioral patterns with their consent would put the existing automated customer support branches to better use
  • To elaborate, this would mean that AI can be used to understand and study successful and ideal resolution scenarios and implement the same pattern through AI in customer service


Automated customer service is the need of the hour. If you have not experimented with automating your customer service, now is the best time to experiment with its benefits at your contact centers and other areas in the organization.

When customers come first, you can show it to them in action by adopting services and tools that enable automated chats or conversations that boost customer satisfaction and ease the burden of support teams. 

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