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Enterprise Knowledge Management System Software

Enterprise knowledge management system that stores and retrieves knowledge ensure easy findability of information. It supports a technical knowledge base platform like Know-How and FAQs & Articles as per the convenience of the customer.

  • Structured and accurate content
  • Promote ‘DIY’ culture
  • Elevate FCR & C-SAT

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Enterprise Knowledge Management System Software

Train new employees with KMS

Enterprise knowledge management software offers updated content to the users to toggle with complex queries. It helps in building great customer relationships with contextual information that saves time. Moreover, it helps in reducing agent training duration with effective training resources by eliminating the effort it takes to find information.

Train new employees with KMS

Enable self service with knowledge management

Integrate Knowmax at your business website that allows users to find solutions on their own. It offers 24/7 accessibility to updated information that wins customer loyalty and reliability. Uniformity and availability of information out of business hours across self service channels like Website, In-application, and Chatbot to provide effective resolutions.

Enable self service with knowledge management

Customize and analyze content

Knowmax enables an organization to keep a track upon the frequently asked question to maintain the quality of service. It allows the organization to tailor content as and when required to improve navigation experience. The machine learning ability maintains a record of uploaded content on a real-time basis which measures the authenticity and impact of resolutions on the users.

Customize and analyze content 

Create, curate, format and maintain knowledge

An enterprise knowledge management software  helps to organize structured and unstructured information that can be used in real-time. It stores and maintain files like PDF, Word Documents, PPTs and Excel Spreadsheets enable easy accessibility to the internal library by allotting authority to various departments.

Create, curate, format and maintain knowledge 

Enhance your customer service skills with knowledge management system

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Why should the enterprises adapt Knowledge Management System?

Why should the enterprises adapt Knowledge Management System?

Information is available in an unorganized format which is very difficult to filter out what is require or not at an organizational platform. And an effective enterprise knowledge management system is a vigorous tool that serves as gather, store, updates and maintains valuable content to represent it in a streamlined manner. It supports the enterprises’ team to know maximum about customer queries and give effective resolutions to elevate the customer experience.

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Enterprise knowledge management software helps contact centers in improving customer service

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