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Knowmax is an enterprise-grade knowledge base management system to manage organizational knowledge and drive C-SAT. Manage, access, curate, and disseminate knowledge from a single KM platform.

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    Benefits of
    Enterprise Knowledge Management include :


    Eliminates data silos


    DIY and no-code tools


    Enhances customer experience

    Elements of Knowmax enterprise KM system

    1 .

    Single source of truth

    Knowmax enterprise knowledge management is a platform that lets you organize all enterprise data in one place. For improved accessibility It helps retrieve contextual information at the right time through its impeccable search feature

    2 .

    DIY and no-code tools

    With its Do-It-Yourself and no-code tools like decision trees, articles, and visual guides, create the perfect knowledge base for your enterprise. Choose, curate and format any type of content on the platform easily.

    3 .

    Omnichannel integrations

    Knowmax enterprise KM platform allows API integrations and dissemination of information on any desired platform be it an app, the website or any other portal. Reach customers at their platform of convenience.

    4 .

    Deliver superior customer service

    The enterprise grade knowledge management system can be a customer-facing platform. Through its multi-faceted modules like decision trees & visual guides, it helps solve customer queries. Self-service portals can also be created on the platform to elevate CX.

    5 .

    Assists in onboarding

    With its lite LMS and quiz management elements, the knowledge management platform is a learning platform for employees. The interactive training elements make onboarding happen in less time than usual.

    Supercharge your CX with Knowmax

    Knowmax - The right KM choice for enterprises

    With Knowmax, enterprises of any kind, including telecom, health care, BFSI, and more. Create your knowledge base enterprise-wide to boost customer service productivity.

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    Why do enterprises need to have a Knowledge Management System?

    An effective enterprise knowledge management system is a vital tool that gathers, stores, updates, and maintains valuable content to represent it in a streamlined manner. It supports the enterprises’ team to know maximum about customer queries and give effective resolutions to elevate the customer experience. Knowledge management systems help contact centers for the environment to be proactive with strategic measures in place.

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    Business metrics driven by Knowmax

    30 -

    Reduction of errors by support teams

    15 -

    Call Deflection to Self Service channels

    20 -

    Reduction of time to proficiency

    15 -

    Reduction in support costs

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    Want to know how Knowmax can be effective in query resolution ?

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