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Conversational AI Platform: Enabling customer service automation

Conversational AI Platform helps you enable customer service automation with a prompt solution to customer queries. AI-Powered conversational bots engage customers with relevant information and eliminate redundancies. It provides updated information in real-time and promotes self-service.

  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Integrate over multiple channels
  • Tickets deflection and higher C-SAT

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Conversational AI Platform: Enabling customer service automation

24/7 support by conversational ai

It facilitates 24/7/365 accessibility to the information. Conversational AI Platform can be used for hassle-free customer engagement with a digital tool to deflect call volumes at contact centers. Artificial intelligence does not need supervision which ultimately reduces the number of errors. Unlike contact agents, it is not time-bound and can cater to ‘n’ number of users at the same point of time.

24/7 support by conversational ai

Multilingual conversational ai platform

The Conversational Platforms communicates in the language of a native speaker. NLP trained bots have machine learning ability to understand customer speech and give resolution that suits the users’ requirements. Moreover, it saves time and cost per agent to solve simple tickets. All-time enthusiastic approach to build a good relationship with multiple region customers is hosted.

Multilingual conversational ai platform

Easy integration with customer touchpoints

Conversational platforms can be integrated over the website, In-application, and contact center making it feasible for every user to use it irrespective of place and time. It is an intuitive tool deployed to reduce the waiting time per user. This life-like tool gives immediate assistance and also connects the user with the contact agent if required.

Easy integration with customer touchpoints

Conversational AI Platform for Contact Center agents

The benefit of digital interaction is- it aids with faster resolution in real-time. It presents an accurate response using your Knowledge base to drive customer experience. Agents can reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) with help of the Conversational AI Platform up-to-date repository. It serves contextual information and eliminates sentence repetition over the call.

Conversational AI Platform for Contact Center agents

Periodic analysts with Machine Learning ability

It keeps tracks upon the frequently asked question by the user on a real-time basis. With machine learning ability it analyses whether the customer is getting qualitative resolutions or not. According to the search engines data report, Knowmax trains your Conversational platforms with updated information to fully optimize the tool.

Periodic analysts with Machine Learning ability

Conversational AI platform enhancing user experience

With great training and efficient problem-solving ability, the life-like tool does brand advocacy while interacting with customers. It proactively asks to assist over digital channels and is programmed to respond in a natural conversational way for better customer experience.

Conversational AI platform enhancing user experience

Virtual assistants can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year

What Our Customers Say

How does the Conversational AI platform enhanced customer engagement?

How does the Conversational AI platform enhanced customer engagement?

As the user expectation expands likewise the technology demand to fulfill customers’ requirements. Thus, this life-like agent is a gem of this era that understands user queries and gives the best suitable response accordingly. Knowmax with the vision of promoting self-service to empower the user to work with an extremely intelligent tool will enhance your C-SAT and NPS.

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Can the chatbot function even without human personnel around?

Yes, Knowmax’s AI chatbot is designed and developed to serve 24×7 on its own without human assistance.

Can the chatbot understand and process different languages?

An AI chatbot is like a straight ‘A’ student, always learning on the go and deciphering phrases of different languages and can help understand even the tone in which the customer is speaking. You can train your AI chatbot to process information in the languages your customers might prefer.

How is an ordinary chatbot different from an AI-based chatbot?

An AI chatbot is your best bet to solve queries without an agent’s interaction. Unlike an ordinary chatbot, an AI chatbot learns and connects the dots automatically, even if you do not upload information on a particular topic.

How does a chatbot help in reducing AHT?

An AI-trained chatbot helps solve simple queries on its own, allowing agents to handle only complex customer queries. Thus, reducing the load on agents and solving queries faster.

How is an AI chatbot advantageous for customer service?

The AI chatbot tracks frequently asked questions in real-time and can also analyze if customers are receiving qualitative resolutions or not.

Can the AI chatbot work on different platforms?

Yes, the AI chatbot is omnichannel enabled and can be deployed across platforms of your choice.

Conversational AI Platform Empowers Customer Service Of an Organisation

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