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Importance Of Knowledge Management For Omnichannel Customer Service

We agree that customer support is no more voice-based support through contact centers. The era has changed, and the state of the connected customer is changing. While we all understand CX is important.

However, better customer engagement drives better CX if businesses enable the omnichannel customer service approach.

9 out of 10 consumers want an omnichannel experience with seamless service between communication methods. Customer service is not multi-channel anymore; with customers’ needs increasing day-by-day, they expect brands to be consistent with the information and customer journey across all existing brand channels.  

Importance of omnichannel customer service 

1. The CX stakes have never been higher

Companies will look for a way to tie all their customer information into a precise, understandable customer engagement measurement. If we increase proactive engagement and offer more self-service options, contact centers should expect a reduction in call volume.

If they commit to reducing effort and using customer data, they should decrease the transaction time.

This is easily possible with omnichannel customer service, where customers can access consistent information across all platforms deployed by knowledge management.

2. The touchpoint experience 

Companies will struggle to gather relevant information about customers and their issues and make meaningful connections with customers. The assisted and digital touchpoints are the cordial points for most businesses.

These customer touchpoints should be empowered to address any complaints, queries, and requests, ranging from simple account updates to more sophisticated product support questions.

Brands today have a crazy amount of information. We’ve seen businesses expanding in various geographies, starting new verticals and offerings for consumers. Now let’s look at this, while consumers have an array of offerings available for them, it’s challenging to get the relevant information at the right time. 

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Data silos system might not work; being Agile and collaborative is the way to go

Today, everyone talks about “omnichannel customer service,” but the majority are still stuck in fragmented silos. This is due to internal calibration challenges, and it isn’t easy to get everybody in a single discussion to agree on an integrated strategy.

Meanwhile, customers have increased their expectations of one integrated, cross-channel experience.

With rising expectations of seamless experiences on various channels, protecting and tracking the single view of the customer is more important than ever. Failure to have a single customer view could harm healthy relationships and make for a rather jerky customer experience.

Firms can struggle to identify the same customer across multiple lines of business because customer data is often locked in silos.

Omnichannel customer service breaks silos as well as maintains consistency. The one perfect solution to support this is to have a platform that ensures the dissemination of information across all touchpoints and becomes a single source of truth.

People have different definitions of this platform, but it is commonly known as knowledge management or knowledge base

Knowledge management and omnichannel customer service

Now that we have established why omnichannel is essential let us move to how brands can adopt omnichannel techniques. One of the easiest ways to implement omnichannel communication for any brand is through a knowledge management platform.

Following are a few ways how knowledge management supercharges omnichannel customer experience

1. CRM integration for customer journey management

  • CRM integration through knowledge management helps understand customers’ journeys. For internal purposes, this means an improvement in AHT as support teams do not need to ask for customers’ information and waste time understanding what problem they are facing.
  • At the customer front, CRM details are very useful in self-service. When backed by knowledge management, brands will disseminate correct information to the customer based on their journey.
  • This also affects the alerts customers receive before, during, and after purchasing a product or service

2. Variety of modules for omnichannel service

  • Be it any content or any platform. It is easy to reach customers across all touchpoints with consistent information through a knowledge management platform.
  • Knowledge management platforms like Knowmax have various modules like articles, FAQs, picture guides, and interactive decision trees. These modules can be used for internal or external purposes.
  • Modules like these help provide omnichannel customer experience across various digital channels like apps, websites, and chatbots in the correct format

3. Preview content on all platforms

  • Content creation through knowledge management system is not complex at all. It is less stressful than when you operate through multi-channels.
  • You do not have to create different versions of the same content piece to maintain consistency. Through platforms like Knowmax, you may publish a single article of content across all your active brand channels.
  • In addition to this, you may also preview what the content looks like on various platforms and devices while publishing content through the Knowmax knowledge management platform

4. Offers self-service for enhanced CX

  • Your support teams might not be available on call every time. So by being able to track your customer’s journey through CRM integration, provide the best support needed for your customers without personnel.
  • How this works is through the technique called call deflection. Here, two entities are at work. You have your CRM identifying the problem to be solved for customers. Two, knowledge management is disseminating information without the need for personnel through self-service portals.
  • Knowledge management helps maintain consistency by disseminating the exact instructions to troubleshoot a problem across all self-service portals 


The need for a knowledge base software exists among professionals across CX, Digital Transformation, Operations, L&D, Training, and more. Almost all professionals today are in the discovery stage, trying to figure out how to make omnichannel abilities work and make this happen.

Knowledge base platform is a Customer Engagement Practice that delivers a better omnichannel customer service resulting in a better Customer Experience across all touchpoints.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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