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Easy-to-use Helpdesk Software – Stay Connected With Your Customers

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Helpdesk brings all interactions into one interface and allows different conversations to be cross-referenced and used for more context in the customer experience. It also allows for use of features such as categorization and automation as a means to keep track of what kinds of issues your customers are experiencing.

By keeping your ticketing system clean, a helpdesk tool helps create organization out of chaos and gives your agents the tools that they need to best do their job.

  • Automate routine workflows
  • Enable faster collaboration
  • Enterprise-class customer service
  • Scale your business as you grow

Unified interface for customer service agents

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than starting in one place (such as chat, or phone) and being shuffled around from one channel to the next to try to get an answer. The helpdesk will allow you to unify all of your support channels into one place and easily transfer a customer from one channel to the next will be a blessing both for you and for them.

Gain insight into how your support agents are doing

Get real-time insights about what your customer support agents are saying if what they are saying is right, or how many are handling in a day. It helps you benchmark for future hires; at the same time, it also helps your agents track their own individual growth. The system has designed in such a way that helps businesses with robust analytics and customizable reporting.

Proactively help your customers with a knowledge base helpdesk

Content management is hard to find, especially if you don’t have a customer service helpdesk app to help you create a knowledge base. Customers would prefer self-service to find their information, rather than reaching out to support. Using a helpdesk tool to create & manage content is a great way to provide greater happiness to your customers, and facilitate them finding the answers before they have to reach out to you.

Automate tasks to scale your customer support using the helpdesk

Using a helpdesk allows you to automate away some of the tasks that you worked towards every day. For example, you could set up an automated notification to ping customer support employees after their tickets had been set to pending for two days.

Create context around a customer’s journey using helpdesk

Using a helpdesk tool, you can have all of the information in a single window and see everything that a customer has reached out about. For example, if they’ve emailed in about a specific problem before, you can make sure that your answer is aligned with whatever your colleague shared with them before.

How about a start with Knowmax?

In a world of instant gratification, it can be important to get to your customer’s questions as quickly as possible. If your team is over occupied and constantly trying to answer the same questions day-in and day-out, they aren’t likely to be able to make an impact on anything to help ensure support for your customers proactively.

Helpdesk can help your customer support team be more productive, so they can get down to work doing the stuff that will benefit your customer most and enhance customer experience (CX).

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