Augmented Reality Support Promotes Flexibility In Tech Operations

We empower businesses with augmented reality support through engaging step-by-step visual context, expert guidance, and co-browsing advancement. AR support gathers and processes data via remote access and provides computer-generated perceptual information adding value to all tech-related pointer keys.

  • Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Flexibility in tech solutions
  • Improve C-SAT
  • Promote self-service

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Augmented Reality Support Promotes Flexibility In Tech Operations

Co-browsing with AR support

AR co-browsing is a support solution that permits agent and customer to get on same page whenever required. It helps to get resolution beyond the physical assistance within a few clicks. AR screen sharing assistance instantly connects support executive for effective guidance through complex problems. It is built to drive productivity and boosts First Call Resolution (FCR) rate.

Co-browsing with AR support

Simplify tech support with augmented reality

Advancement of computer vision can be displayed over screens, glasses, mobile phones, and handled devices. AR support is useful in many fields, for instance- health care, education, and e-commerce. It instructs on-site users no matter how far they are. It also trains agents through video graphics at different organizations. Moreover, AR support guidance highlights 3D pointers onto real-world objects through camera showing complete set-up and procedure of resolution for a product thus reducing need for visiting a store.

Simplify tech support with augmented reality

Seamless integration at various platforms

Augmented reality support is being typically deployed to amplify reach and assist regardless of place. It is featured to get integrated with web pages, in-app support, and contact centers to provide real-time assistance. It results in ticket deflection and enhances Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT). AR represents a concise solution and enables customers to see for themselves and do it the right way.

Seamless integration at various platforms

49% of tech leaders believe that seamless access to all data in real-time is the top benefit of AR in workforce development.

What Our Customers Say

Enhance NPS score with augmented reality support software

Enhance NPS score with augmented reality support software

We enable organizations to gain more advantages using augmented reality support. It is used to provide live support to the users to educate and display technical know-how thereby increasing productivity. Similarly, it empowers agents to be competent and confident. Moreover, the customer isn’t required to wait for or visit a technician for a solution as it guides them until the final destination. AR support thus ensures higher customer satisfaction by engaging customers through 3D informative and interactive content.

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39% of tech leaders strongly agree that augmented reality will become as ubiquitous as mobile by 2025.

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