Customer Experience Management (CXM): Knowing Your Customer Inside Out

Knowmax’s customer experience management (CXM) aims to change the traditional approach of customer engagement to a seamless and effective digital transformation. We enable users to interact with digital tools over multiple touch-points wherein we also evaluate customers’ loyalty to the brand through CEM.

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Customer Experience Management (CXM): Knowing Your Customer Inside Out

Omnichannel CXM

Omnichannel support provides a strong knowledge base, for instance over websites, in-app support, chatbots, and contact centers. Circulate integrated information with the help of a unified platform thus promoting self-service ensuring hassle-free interaction. Knowmax’s customer experience management enables customers to get resolution on their own reducing workload at contact centers and achieving higher CSAT.

Omnichannel CXM

Empowering users to interact with digital tools

Knowmax deployments are made to gain confidence of users through digital solutions. Customers can access information using multiple tools, for instance, AI-powered chatbots, decision trees, and step by step picture guides. These are typically deployed to streamline all scattered information and revitalize customer experience.

Empowering users to interact with digital tools

Strengthen NPS by customer experience Management

Knowmax helps to build up the right score by providing valuable solutions in real-time. It ensures 24/7 accessibility to get updated information. The ‘multilingual’ feature adds-on to serve globally. Highly personalized tools with an optimum circulation of unified information toggle with complexities and eliminate any communication gap.

Strengthen NPS by customer experience Management

Customer experience management with thorough analytics

We help explore the number of tickets raised, effective resolutions, and frequency of questions asked by customers. Knowmax’s intelligent analytical tools keep a track of impact of every resolution given and how helpful they were for the users. Business metrics driven by Knowmax have increased 30% efficiency in C-SAT & NPS for our client organizations.

Customer experience management with thorough analytics

Achieve highest customer satisfaction level

Knowmax is trusted by most renowned brands that are using these solutions to deliver the best of their services. Moreover, they got an advanced way to interact and tackle customer queries. We keep the information updated with exceptional techniques which results in higher customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Achieve highest customer satisfaction level

Globally, 54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago.

What Our Customers Say

What are the top challenges for CX professionals in this new normal?

What are the top challenges for CX professionals in this new normal?

To overcome customer experience challenges, the enterprises must know their customer needs in this new normal. Seamless customer experience can result in high C-SAT, great customer lifetime value, and less customer churn. In this new era, customers not only want to get their query resolved with less human contact or by remote agents but also high self-service channels provided at digital customer touchpoints. So, customer experience management is the solution as well as the top challenge for CX professionals.

Numbers that make us proud & our clients profitable


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Annual cost

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How is CRM different from CXM platform?

 While CRM helps your sales team maintain a good customer relationship, a CXM platform is an extension that helps you map the customer’s entire journey across all platforms. A CXM platform helps sales, marketing and customer support of your organisation.

Does CXM software integrate other systems like web content management?

Yes, CXM software not only integrates web content management but also in-app support,  which makes contextual knowledge sharing easy.

Can CXM help overcome data silos problems?

76Yes, CXM helps overcome data silos by making the right information available at the right time on one unified knowledge management system.

How does knowledge sharing through CXM benefit ?

Using CXM and making information available enables knowledge sharing benefits as it improves your customer’s journey right from collection, tracking and analyzing information to helping you customize the entire journey.

Does CXM help with feedback real-time?

Knowmax’s CXM platform is equipped with intelligent tracking that analyzes the impact and how helpful the information was to the customer, using real-time feedback mechanisms.

Does CXM give the advantages of self-service and how?

Self-service is directly proportional to increased CSAT. Knowmax’s CXM adds the element of co-creation to customer experience, which increases the involvement of customers and reduces load on agents by solving queries through self-service.

Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

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