Digital Transformation For Effective Engagement & Seamless Experience

75% of S&P companies will be gone by 2027 if they don’t adopt digital transformation soon

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Digital Transformation For Effective Engagement & Seamless Experience

How Knowmax can help you in your Digital Transformation initiatives

Consistent Knowledge<br>Flow

Consistent Knowledge

Keep the information updated and seamless with categorized knowledge tools. Remove unstructured and lengthy content through uncluttered knowledge workflows.

Centralized information<br>repository

Centralized information

Leverage digital transformation by enhancing knowledge feasibility with exceptional techniques available on a unified platform. Give agents to gain & recover information by easy findability experience.

Blend of support<br>teams & innovation

Blend of support
teams & innovation

Tech driven knowledge components helps in maintaining the digital balance between support teams and customers; turning complexities into hassle-free experiences.

Robust Analytics on<br>data efficiency

Robust Analytics on
data efficiency

Data-driven insights enable agents to discover content performance and its usage among consumer related queries; assists to keep check on most searched content.

Self-service suit of<br>knowledge

Self-service suit of

Make agents as well as customers feel at ease through self-care knowledge platform. Assure them to explore solutions on-the-go with AI backed self-service tools.

Product Feature Set

API Integration

API Integration

With comprehensive API integration feature, easily manage team’s productivity partaking minimal efforts. Descriptive interface assist user to curate and understand knowledge operations.

Assisted & digital deployments

Assisted & digital deployments

Enrich user experience through positioning interaction processes covering your connected touch points. Easy deployment features enhance brand’s flexibility to reach multitude of customers.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support

Get no more issues while assisting in several languages with our multilingual support capabilities. With distinctive and explanatory user interface, help agents to quickly resolve queries in native language.

Learn how knowmax can help you in digital transformation initiatives

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