4 Reasons Why Your Agent Experience Is Bad

Posted On: September 24, 2019 |  5 mins read 419 Views

Agent Experience

Training, knowledgeable resources, and tools are critical for agents to provide consistent support. But with great agent experience, comes the greater responsibility. Several soft-skills like friendliness, confidence, and a positive attitude needs to be there as well. These qualities make agents more productive during support. On the flip side, if agents themselves do not feel happy, it can put a question on the type of experience they deliver.

“A study states that the speed of response (89%), and friendliness of representative (82%) are seen as the most important aspects of the customer service experience.

Simply, depicting the importance of how a support agent supposes to behave or act while delivering responding to queries.

4 reasons why your agent experience is bad:

Unsorted information

Happy agents are more likely to greet customers with a sincere and enthusiastic tone. You can tell generally if a person knows well or just talking without facts. Here, information plays a vital role. Agents who are aware of products and customer issues can speak more effectively and with confidence. Although, the main issue arises when the agents have to sort relevant knowledge from the bulk of information. For instance, because of unavailable and scattered information, agents have to find an alternative answer instead of the relevant one. Thereby, managing information is vital. A knowledge management software backed by artificial intelligence help agents to sort relevant information from bulky data.

Lack of self-service  

Time and experience is everything! And to manage them both, customers, as well as agents, prefer the self-service platform. With the ever-changing customer base and their preferences, agents need to become faster and adaptive. But lack of self-service tools can be huge disadvantage behind agents’ dissatisfaction. So, how can we curb this issue? Implementing a knowledge base can be a smarter way to enable self-service. Information in the form of FAQs ensures customers browse answers themselves and agents to find relevant answers quickly. Information present in Q & A format is easy to understand for both agents and customers.

Increased number of tickets

Customer service agents are like dynamic problem solvers. With the capabilities to deliver resolutions faster, agents can always achieve a winning CX. However, when agents see a sudden upsurge in the number of tickets, their productive behavior automatically goes down. Because of so many queries, agents cannot be able to efficiently handle them all. Instead, to reduce the number of incoming tickets and solve existing ones as efficiently as possible, agents need quick methods. Robust and AI-powered technology like chatbots can be beneficial that analyzes incoming queries regarding certain keywords.


Unproductive Training

Bad customer experience starts with negative customer’s feedback. Know why a customer leave unsatisfied ratings on a feedback form? Why a particular agent does not know much about the product? Certainly due to ineffective training and learning skills. Support staff needs relevant training modules, learning & development skills and input of data that demonstrate their performance. These aspects help agents to be more productive in service. With the advent of digital transformation, the utilization of artificial intelligence has also increased. A knowledge management software can help businesses to effectively train their support agents. Advanced analytics and proactive updates while learning through knowledge base assist agents to grab information faster.


All in all, it’s vital that agents feel happy when they provide answers. A happy agent means a happy customer leads to success in the customer experience. With the right technology, agents on the front lines can possibly initiate seamless interactions. A reliable knowledge management software can be a good resource to make agents feel at ease. When information findability gets easier, agents also become happier.


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