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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

How Picture How To Guide Helps In Delivering Improved Customer Service?

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Having great products and services is no longer enough for an organization to retain its customer base and earn customer loyalty. What organizations should do is to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing visual assistance for better customer experience & customer engagement.

In today’s world, the ability of an organization to understand customer needs and wants, to meet or even exceed the expectations of the customers are the factors that determine whether the organization will be successful. It has become important to cover all the touchpoints for enhancing better customer engagement and also providing self-service could be a significant move that an organization can make.

Thus, equipping customer service agents with the right tools and enabling self-service for solving common customer queries is the way forward.

Visual how-to guides – take a step closer to enhanced CX

How-to guides are nothing but step-by-step instructions that are to be followed by the users to solve a particular problem or complete a particular task. It is like giving the users some technical instructions to use a particular technology or software to its users.

The structure and writing are clear and precise which make it easier for the users to follow. How-to guides help in practically conveying the information about an active process. Some features of “How-to guides” are :

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Easy navigation
  • Precise and clear
  • Easy to follow
  • Guides to the next best step
  • Largest ready-to-use repository
  • Multi-device coverage

In the Visual guide, step-by-step instructions with pictures make it easier for an agent to deliver quick, better, and relevant resolutions to customers.

It allows exceptional customer experience with each step being navigated towards meaningful answers.

It helps in better understanding and faster resolutions and helps the agents in troubleshooting complex customer interactions.

For the telecommunication industry, visual guides can be extremely useful for enhancing customers’ engagement and experience. The agents for quicker and easier resolutions to customer problems or by customers themselves for faster and smarter resolutions can use visual device guides.

An example of visual device guides for an Internet Service Provider is given below:

Problem Statement: How to stop internet usage of applications?


So the agents or the users can simply follow the above steps for faster resolutions.

How visual guides can be used for better customer service

After going through how visual guides work, we need to understand how they can help in delivering better customer service. Organizations can use picture guides for better understanding and delivering faster resolutions. Visual guides act as visual assistance for the agents and users while troubleshooting complex problems.

Visual device guides can be used as tools for providing self-service facilities to the users, which leads to a better customer experience. Customers no longer need to call an agent and explain to them their problem and seek help when they can simply follow easy steps and resolve their issues on their own. This helps in creating happy and loyal customers.

Loyal customers not only get continuous business to an organization they also act as brand advocates and refer their friends and co-workers thus bringing new business to the organization.

For call centers, visual guides can help in enhancing the efficiency of the agent by reducing the average handling time (AHT) for complex customer queries. Integrating various components of knowledge management with the tools that you already have can further help in providing better customer service.

For example, integrating the decision trees with visual device guides or integrating them with your current CRM software and backend solutions will help you in enhancing the customer experience.


For providing a better customer experience, it becomes important to ensure easy accessibility of the right content and information that delivers better and faster resolutions to customer queries. Visual guides help in keeping users engaged via interactive pictures for various problems that the users might face even for troubleshooting and device configuration.

The visual how-to guide can be accessible over multiple devices like smartphones, wearables, televisions, tablets, etc. This provides all-around support for a variety of devices, ensuring that the agents can respond to anything that the customer asks. Knowmax with a repository of about 18,000+ ready-to-use pictorial guides ensures faster resolutions of complex queries.

Integrate visual guides within your digital and assisted channels for providing better customer services.

Yatharth Jain


Yatharth has over 8 years of experience in CX, KM, and BPM. He founded Knowmax to make knowledge a genuine superpower for CX teams. He blends his experience working with CX and KM leaders across industries with the latest technology trends to build products people love.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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