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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

How To Create Better Outbound Call Center Scripts To Upgrade Your Customer Service?

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Outbound Call center Scripting

A call centre is a centralised office where a large number of phone calls are sent and received in a constant transmission of information. The types of call centers can be classified- Inbound and outbound.

Companies operate an inbound call center to handle phone calls of enquiry regarding product or service support for customers. The purpose of an outbound call center is telemarketing, undertaking market research, giving out information about political or social campaigns, emergency notifications, etc.

For call centres, an important part of their customer service strategy is the proper articulation of messages as given out by the call centre agents. Therefore, call centres often employ inbound and outbound call centre scripting which provide guidelines to the agents so that they can give out all necessary information in a clear and company-approved way.

Essentials for creating good outbound call center scripts

While developing a script for a call center, in specific for an outbound call center agent, there are a few points to keep in mind to ensure that the script is effective for all the calls being handled by the agents.

1. The utilisation of call recordings

Where can one get the best transcript for a conversation script other than from past phone calls? Call recordings of agents with the best call history can provide a basis for developing an effective script. This will also help in ensuring that the script sounds like a conversation and not just recorded sentences.

2. The provision for best customer service cannot be scripted

While a script can assist the call center agents by providing the best responses and properly articulating the message the company wishes to deliver, customer service cannot be scripted. The agent needs to show sincerity and willingness to help. Almost always, customers will notice if an agent seems to read a script without any emotion behind the words simply.

Therefore, a company needs to train its employees to express authenticity and due concern while following the script. Agents also need to practice the script enough for it to sound like an actual conversation,

3. A script needs to be flexible

A call center agent will essentially receive or make hundreds of calls in a day. This means that there will be interactions with 100 or more different people, all of who will have a different way of handling a conversation. Therefore, an outbound call’s script needs to provide a framework for a conversation that can remain as expressive and professional irrespective of the customer being spoken to. Words need to be carefully chosen for a flexible script to appeal to any type of audience.

4. Positivity and Empathy

While scripting the outbound call script, the company needs to include positive affirmations and empathetic phrases. Include statements for thanking the caller, providing reassurance that their issues will be solved, displaying respect for the customer’s opinions, asking for more details of an issue. These factors will ensure that a customer feels that their opinion is given due importance in any customer service conversation.

Important points to follow while creating an outbound call center script

1. Find out the flow and structure of conversation from past phone call recordings. Outbound call center conversation script of the previous calls help decide if a certain practice is to be taken forward or discarded.

2. Figure out pain points and issues that the center addresses the most and ensure that the script is tailored to readily fit the conversation regarding the same issues. The agents should be able to figure out the problems of the customers seamlessly and respectfully.

3. Write a script that can address multiple scenarios an agent may have to deal with.  Intelligently prepared outbound call center conversation script acts as a common solution to multiple problems.

4. The script, no matter the flexibility, needs to have a few key points like – a greeting, mentioning the company name, the introduction of the agent, listening and figuring out the issue of the customer, adding a pleasantry at the end, etc.

5. Using personalization, especially in an outbound scenario. The agent usually has certain information about the person they are calling. Using the person’s name while addressing them inspires interest which enables the agent to put forth their pitch.

6. A company can integrate the practices of its best-performing agents into the script.This helps boost morale and builds healthy competition.

7. Remember to use concise and uncomplicated language and wording. Calls to a call center need to be helpful yet as brief as possible to ensure proper turnover. An agent cannot be attending to a single call for a very long time. Also, they need to ensure they are not taking up too much of a client’s time.

8. Prepare a script that leads to prompt action. Whether solving a problem or making a sale, appointment, or any issue.

Tools to be used for better creation of scripts

1.  There are many call-center scripting software that can help create scripts for outbound and inbound call centers.

2.  Companies can refer to the most frequently asked questions by their customers to figure out the best responses to be put in the script.

3.  Empathy and acknowledgment sentences will help make a script very positive and caller-friendly.

Need for outbound call center scripting

Companies provide call center scripts to their agents to ensure that the responses and information they are delivering are company-approved. The scripts are also beneficial in ensuring that at no point the agents run out of responses. This is also important as it enables a company to maintain its company values with proper representation from its employees.

Customer service is really important to companies and all of their agents or employees must safeguard company laws by using appropriate language so that no regulations are violated.

In conclusion

Creating scripts for outbound call centers is a beneficial measure in maintaining good customer service practices. However, it takes work and practice to effectively use a script. Companies need to find all relevant information and figure out which form of script suits them the best, with inputs from their agents. It is also important to understand that not all call centers would need a script or uniform responses. It is ultimately about providing the best customer experience with the help of a script.

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