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Contact Center Scripts To Handle Tricky Customer Service Scenarios

Have you watched FRIENDS?

Just recall an episode where Phoebe gets a job in an outbound call center.

She was a bit nervous then her supervisor assured her that everything she needs to know while handling different customer service scenarios is in the script provided to her.

In that episode, things take a turn for the worse, when she encounters a prospect.

However, all ends well for both the prospect & Phoebe.

Point is, this episode shows that call center scripts can be effective only if the agent knows when and how to apply them.

Just refreshing your memory for better understanding:

What is a contact center script?

Contact center script is a document that representatives can refer to during customer interaction. However, scripts can differ widely depending on the business function and industry of the contact center.

Why is it important to have contact center scripts?

Major contact center companies fail to attain customer retention due to either lack of knowledge or they are unsuccessful in providing solutions to customer queries.

This alarming stage alerts companies that it’s now time to switch.  

To boost agents while interacting with both inbound and outbound customers, scripts play a major role.

An effective contact center script includes accurate data with every minor detail that agents can just read out while conversing with customers. This avoids the hunt for words at the time of delivering responses while maintaining the company’s reputation.

Benefits to create contact center script

Uniformity in customer interactions

Most customers wish to talk to a live agent when they contact you in need.

Your customer service representatives are the face of your company in front of customers and your entire brand’s reputation is dependent on the type of service they deliver. In this case, undoubtedly you want your communication to be unified and not just talk about anything. Multiple agents on different channels have multiple interactions with customers. Contact center script ensures that they deliver the same communication across all channels.

Proactive problem solving

When your agents are faced with queries from customers, you don’t want them to make up for answers about products and processes. Customers can easily identify if agents don’t have clarity and can become frustrated.

Solving customer problems faster results in improved customer satisfaction and hence customer experience (CX)

Agent Training

Talking about the FRIENDS example again, if you watch the episode, you see that Phoebe is initially hesitant to talk to customers but when armed with the service script, she becomes confident.

Similarly, scripts can give that confidence to your agents also. It can be an effective training tool for new bees, who are just starting off.

Additionally, it gives them an idea of what to expect and what to say in certain scenarios.

The effectiveness of using call center scripts depends on how it is being used by the contact center agents. Customer service companies need to focus on providing better tools to empower productivity of agents.

Let’s take a look at how an organized information system can provide an effective contact center script for every situation.

How can you enhance contact center scripts using knowledge management?

An interactive decision tree software is an ideal solution for empowering agents and streamline technical processes with a step-by-step guide.

Imagine your service center representatives are already aware of the context of the customer concerns, irrespective of their work shifts.

Decision tree maker is the proven way for faster and accurate resolution. This allows you to improve first call resolution as well as decrease average call handling time.

Why to choose decision trees software as tool of your choice for scripting in contact centers are:

  • Allows agents to resolve customer support tickets swiftly and streamline interdepartmental communication with guided workflows
  • Consistent responses across different channels without compromising on resolution
  • Allow agents to link media files such as images, videos, etc to engage while guide customers
  • While agents can resolve complex queries, customers can experience self-service facilities across touchpoints, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, customer retention & loyalty.
  • Easy dissemination of knowledge and faster access to resources delivering instant and actionable solutions with a hassle-free environment.
  • Feedback is crucial. Decision tree tools allow feedback from customers as well as agents for better future resolutions.

Above all, improve the efficiency & productivity of your contact center agents using contact center scripting tools.

Looking to build a similar solution; Get started.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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