Posted On: August 6, 2020

Call center scripting: Empower agents with next best action

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Call center scripting software for interactive engagements

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In a survey conducted by NICE systems, 9 out of 10 respondents aged 18-65 preferred to speak with a live service agent directly over the telephone.

Call center scripting empowers agents to handle any kind of customer query with consistent and accurate responses.

Why contact center scripting is important?

Major contact center companies fail to attain customer retention due to either lack of knowledge or they are unsuccessful in providing solutions to customer queries. This alarming stage alerts companies that it’s now time to switch.

Contact center scripts boost agents while interacting with both inbound and outbound customers. Scripts represent accurate data with every minor detail that agents can just read out while interacting with customers. This avoids hunt for words at the time of delivering responses while maintaining the company’s reputation. However, for companies that are already backed up with a good knowledge management system, hassle in solving queries without scripts still exists. For that reason, companies need to employ scripts within their contact centers.

Since deploying scripts are beneficial in matters of response rate, sqm group reports that a 1% improvement in response rates means an annual operational savings of $276,000 for an average call center.


How does knowledge management tool help in creating call center scripts?

The effectiveness of using scripts depends on how it is being used by the contact center agents. Customer service companies need to focus on providing better tools to empower productivity of agents.

An interactive decision tree software is an ideal solution for empowering agents to streamline technical process with a step-by-step guide. Few reasons to choose decision trees as the right tool for scripting in contact centers are:

  • Intuitive creation of decision trees allows agents to resolve customer support tickets and streamline interdepartmental communication with guided workflows.
  • Customization of decision trees grants its users to communicate with consistent responses across different channels without compromising on resolution.
  • Decision trees tool also enhances first call resolution boosting overall CSAT & net promoter score whilst reducing average handling time of tickets and calls.
  • Integration of workflow knowledge created with decision trees over self service platforms and bots helps content authors with republishing of same content ensuring consistency.
  • Decision trees allow agents to link media files such as images, videos, etc to guide customers interactively.
  • While agents can resolve complex queries, customers can experience self-service facilities across touchpoints, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, retention & loyalty.
  • Decision trees tool help in easy dissemination of knowledge and faster access to resources delivering instant and actionable solutions with a hassle-free environment.
  • Feedback is crucial for any company. Decision trees tools allow feedback from customers as well as agents for better resolutions.
  • Improve efficiency & productivity of contact center agents with decision trees tool.


Integration with CRM & backend system

Introducing decision trees software into your CRM can streamline customer support & maintain strong relationships with them. Interactive decision trees software when combined with potential CRM, simplifies customer-based operations.

1. Customization of scripts includes real information in a sorted layout that can help find instant responses. A study of questions raised by customers & responses given by agents help CX head create better solutions. Sorting of data in such manner & making your customer feel fully heard & understood reinforce workplace efficiency.

2. Beyond troubleshooting & support, decision trees tool can be integrated with existing CRM, serving features such as single sign-on, tag & auto-copy resolutions in CRM to save post-call time of agents on conversation documentation.

3. After integrating with CRM, agents can create tickets with access to use its knowledge base. While interacting with customers, entering specific keywords could display solutions that suit best.

4. Robust technical support can embed best practices by ensuring consistent & quick responses across all touchpoints.


To bottom up

Contact center agents usually do not have a standard SOP guideline to follow, for which robust knowledge management tools must be optimized.

In fact, the percentage of contact centers using call scripting has witnessed spike from 48.3% to 52.9% – a rise of almost 5%. 

Scripts do serve a purpose; appropriately using them can boost the ability of contact center agents to perform faster and better.


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