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5 Benefits Of Knowledge Management & Cognitive Decision Trees In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is aggregating and integrating sectors within the economic system that provide goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. Being one of the major industries in the world, the need for knowledge management in this area of care management is essential. 

There is always a need to manage healthcare industry data, handling patients, their queries, and questions on certain medications. A lot of information needs to be there at health care call centers to provide the best services to patients or customers having any resolution. 

Not everybody is a doctor, and an apple a day cannot keep the doctors away. And in a world currently dealing with and still reeling from a pandemic, there are many questions people have in their minds. The need for accurate information is essential now more than ever. 

knowledge management in healthcare

5 areas where healthcare needs knowledge management assistance:

1. Patient doctor confidentiality

There needs to be strict confidentiality of information maintained. Many patients need to give out information like their age, address, and the ailments they are suffering from. Even though a third party can book the appointment, the data is stored in the system.

If there is no proper security like a properly encrypted knowledge management software to protect doctor-patient confidentiality, it is a breach of privacy of all parties involved. Even if patients sign up to give the necessary information, it is vital to protect their privacy at every step. 

2. No errors in medical care

As we already know, medical care is a field where even a trivial mistake could be a life-or-death situation. If information is being given by a healthcare call center or any other professional working in the industry, it is crucial to ensure there is no error. 

Knowledge base software provides features that help correct information across the organization and ensure that a single change is reflected across the informational database. A knowledge management software that has cloud storage helps in this case. In addition, restrictive access can be put so only authorized personnel can enter details. 

3. Previous medical history

Sometimes while on call, a patient or a person seeking health services might not have all the information required to tell the call center executive or a medical professional. A previous medical history of other ailments a patient has decides the following or future medical treatments. 

With a knowledge base for healthcare call centers, with APIs, one can attach CRM to the features of the database so that previously recorded information is intact and deciding the next course of action becomes way easier for the practitioner and the patient. 

4. Be in the know with new developments updated

The healthcare industry might not be as fast-paced compared to other FMCG industries. But breakthrough research helps make a lot of changes. This calls for two things, one has awareness of the new development within the organization, and two, consumers who are benefited from the discovery need to be in the know. 

Knowledge management system helps with information updates within and outside the organization through websites and self-service portals. It not only notifies professional and healthcare call center executives but also allows patients or those who have a member of the family who can benefit from it to see it through their self-service portals. 

5. Helps digitize health care docs

In healthcare, it sometimes so happens that a daily tally sheet in care centers or management of patients’ journey in a hospital is not documented. This means that access to information becomes more arduous. It could also lead to the loss of information on a patient’s medical history. 

With knowledge base platform that has cloud storage, there is no need to enter records and data, again and again, leading to digitizing data with ease. Even if a healthcare center has different branches, patients’ information can be stored and accessed. 

5 Benefits of decision trees in healthcare

A cognitive decision tree is a feature that comes with robust knowledge management like Knowmax. A decision tree is a graphical representation of solutions that helps make a decision quickly and with accuracy. Let us discuss this exclusive feature of a knowledge management platform.

Following are what cognitive decision trees in healthcare have to offer:

Overlook of a DIY  cognitive decision tree by Knowmax 

1. Aid in quick resolutions

In essential services, care needs to be immediate. Decision trees for medical services help in giving quick resolutions in any situation. If it is an emergency or a quick confirmation call, cognitive decision trees can solve any query in as little time as 7 seconds. 

Decision trees for medical services aid in sending healthcare or providing suggestions that immediately respond to the health threat faced. This improves the credibility of the health care call Centre or the medical service providing organization. 

2. Mistake proof diagnosis

After a patient’s diagnosis, the information needs to be digitized to be stored in the CRM. A CRM, when integrated with knowledge management software, helps make decision trees mistake proof. 

Decision trees for healthcare have decision trees that have integrated API functions through which accurate information by looking at a patient’s history. Cognitive decision trees are driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This means the knowledge management software can connect the dots and provide a narrative to give the best care possible. 

3. Maintain confidentiality

A patient gives out a lot of personal information when under professional medical care. Even diagnosis is not available information. Every hospital needs to manage a patient’s complete admit cycle history of treatment. 

Decision trees in a hospital help protect and maintain a patient’s medical history, other confidential medical records, and strictly confidential information. This is possible when the knowledge management software has the right security system. The system includes access to only authorized personnel. This also helps in eliminating duplicate files and tainting medical history. 

4. Medication assistance 

Decision trees are not only exclusive for diagnosis or services but also pharma. A whole different branch of medical services intricately connected to healthcare is the pharma industry. Looking at the entire industry is a whole other level but looking at just pharma decision trees helps in medical assistance. 

Decision trees in pharma help give alternate medicines and access to treatment if it is not currently available. It helps maintain and access the record of the drugs taken by a patient. From an industry perspective, it makes R & D less complicated as information can be shared across the organization. 

5. Provide solutions digitally

Healthcare centers or healthcare call centers need to have digital information repositories and digital records in this day and age. It helps in easy accessing of information and even helps make decisions for you. 

Decision trees for a clinic or a hospital setting help to provide solutions digitally. This means that decisions help in quick decision-making for the health care customer service irrespective of the organization’s size instead of going back and forth. This is possible only with cognitive decision tree software. 

In conclusion

Knowledge management software is a crucial cogwheel of the healthcare industry, be it in making quick and accurate decisions or assuring quality and confidential services to patients. Decision trees, an important and innovative feature of a knowledge base, can make healthcare move at a faster pace. Decision trees in healthcare make the whole service more organized than ever before; medical or healthcare professionals can focus more on healing patients than on knowledge management. 

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