Boost Work From Home Productivity For Virtual Contact Center Teams

86% of employees say they’re most productive when they work alone

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How can Knowmax help in your work from home productivity initiatives?

Virtual Knowledge Base

Create a virtual knowledge management system for call center agents to remotely access documents, workflows and process to handle customer queries along with improving work from home productivity. Helps new agents as well as tenured team members to resolve tickets without help from supervisors or SMEs. Easily integrated with your CRM & backend solutions for faster resolutions

Cloud Telephony & CRM Integrations

Support agents need to be empowered with a robust knowledge management platform integrated in their telephony, CRM & email ticketing tools while working from home. An integrated knowledge base software helps in resolving queries within a single platform such as your CRM making sure that agents don’t waste time in information search and call logging.

Collaboration & Community Sharing

Remote working leads to a lot of to & fro for approvals, knowledge management & feedback sharing. Share documents for approval and publish them within a single platform, communicate with team members regarding regular updates via bulk notifications for any process changes remotely. Build a culture of community building for customers on self service

Productivity Tracking

Tracking productivity of virtual teams becomes challenging due to multiple tools & technologies for customer engagement. Integrate your CRM, telephony, chat & email ticketing with a knowledge management platform to track agent productivity and improve it by sharing the right knowledge at the right time to reduce AHT and boost overall contact center productivity.

Virtual LMS & Assessment

Make sure that remote teams are always updated about new products, changes in process & operations. Create training content for remote teams and ensure that process knowledge & organization updates are shared on regular basis. Conduct regular assessments & quizzes for certification of your virtual contact center agents while they work from home.

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