self-help guide

This is your self-help guide to explore knowmax. See how easy & simple it is to create, curate & circulate knowledge across channels.

Your destination is just a click away!

Curate content smartly

Curate content smartly

Provide guidance at each step and customize content with using a powerful text editor, image editor with access to upload media files, insert hyperlinks, tag keywords & meta tags.


Make your content easier to understand through

Decision Trees Contextual workflows
Picture Guides Visual guides
Knowledge base Knowledge base

Bulk upload content

Paste your code

Knowmax enables users to add codes for content & guides that’s accessible with programming languages!

Bulk upload content

Upload existing processes and documents and convert them easily into searchable guides including 3rd party URLs or websites.

Content channels

Preview content to check how it will appear on different channels

Contact Center Contact Center
Website Website
App App
Chat bot Chat bot

Add content in different languages

Add content in different languages to allow users feel at ease


Knowmax allows to get detailed insights so customers could only get the content that interests them.

Get analytics about content usage and train your teams on critical topics; including the analytics of website & app support pages to understand consumer behavior.

manage rights

Quick tip: Create users, allot roles, and manage rights as per requirements

Thank you for accompanying us in this journey of Knowmax. There is more to go and we will be happy having you with us always.

Your destination is just a click away!

learning and quiz management

Knowmax consists of a learning and quiz management module. Using this, you can publish updates, and new processes and conduct test to get a sense of agent knowledge. Set passing %, allow re-attempts and get notified about many more insights about agent performance.

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