Digital Adoption Platform

What is Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)?

Posted On: August 7, 2019

Start-ups and enterprises can enhance revenue by 34% and 23% respectively, by relying on digital adoption strategies.

Boost Digital Transformation within your organization using Digital Adoption Platforms.

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning . Digital Adoption Platforms provide real-time assistance for seamless software learning, tailored for each user. DAP is a software platform aimed at streamlining digitalization by facilitating enhanced Employee Training, Customer Onboarding and User Experience.

Benefits of Digital Adoption Platform

Digital Adoption platform

  • Enhance efficiency of business processes
  • Consistent and optimum Customer Experience Service
  • Quicker software learning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Greater ROI on digital assets
  • Effective employee training
  • Better coordination between departments

What is it that DAPs can do but other tools can’t?

It automates a user’s Digital Adoption lifecycle. For example any other onboarding mechanism, DAPs employ experiential learning, by walking the user through queries about workflows in real-time.


Digital Adoption Platform promotes Self-Service.


The involvement of digital tools to drive the customer experience and streamline the information is necessary nowadays. It transforms the customer experience by facilitating easy access to the information. For instance, 27/7 availability of the information over the web pages, AI- Backed Chatbots and In-app supports. As Forbes says, Intelligent systems will drive 70% of customer interactions by 2022. Wherein the customer can get answers to their queries on their own. These tools have been typically deployed to reduce the workload from the contact centers and enhance the customer experience. While it helps to engage the customer in promoting self-service by providing effective solutions in no time.

KnowMax as a Digital Adoption Platform

AT KnowMax, KocharTech’s knowledge base solution is a knowledge repository, helping clients and businesses to promote smart self-service. With the digital solutions for example Picture Guides and Decision Trees. KnowMax aims to help users interact with websites and software applications with proactive support for any user challenge.


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