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What is in application support?

Posted On: August 7, 2019

Application supports customers to interact with the company’s customer service. It could be the initial option for the customer to reach out to the business. It directs the customer to FAQs, Articles, and support ticket sections. Enabling the customer to reach in few clicks makes it an efficient way to broadcast the brand name. The customer gets updated easily and feels like in touch with the company every-time. This helps to maintained brand consistency and promotes self-service. By adding additional features and information could make it more user-friendly. In-app support helps to keep the conversation in context, saves the customer from the repetition of words.

Application support and KMS

In-app support becomes more relevant to the use of intuitive keywords and up-to-date information. Backed by machine learning(ML), In-app experience becomes unified and integrated with web support pages. In a single layout, customers can analyze two or more facts in no time. Customers can easily access the information by installing In-app support. KM is important in preparing, storing and managing content to makes these AI programs more intelligent and efficient.

In-app support promotes Self-Service

In-app support displays the right information and provides steps to do it. As per Forbes reports, 78% of consumers use mobile devices to connect with brands for customer service. This can be used in troubleshooting issues, raise a ticket and adding feedback. This shows visual guides and infographics to make complex things easier for the customer. It is typically deployed to provide all the information in a few simple steps.


In-app support for internal and external user

It is a component of Knowledge Management. Moreover, it is a Knowledge Base to train center employees and users. In-app support allows conveying unified information among all the agents at a particular time. It deployed to display ‘How to guides’ for complex queries. It also gives time to time quiz play to sharpen agents’ knowledge. It is not only reserved for the business platform but also available for the customer. An entity can build interactive and simple support pages to educate the users. Customers can directly connect with an agent so they needs to be prepared to tackle their queries.


Enhance Customer Experience

Customer Experience plays a vital role in every entity to promote a brand. Forbes says, 67% of consumers will pay more for a great experience. Enabling the customer to reach the right time within the application makes for a better user experience. By answering customers effectively in real-time enhances the customer experience and reliability of the company. This In-app solution is feasible for every user either IoS or Android. This can also direct the customer to support agents if required.


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