Create Visual Guides

Create step by step visual how-to guides in a platform that gives exceptional customer experience with the next best step. Pictorial presentation makes it easier for an agent to resolve complex customer queries and helps deliver better, quick and relevant resolutions.
Guide your customers on every step of navigation that leads them towards meaningful answers.

Create Visual Guides

Add required image

Kick start your visual guidance procedure by choosing an image of .jpg, .png format from many or by selecting them in bulk. Easily rearrange the sequence of pictures using drag and drop functionality. Make your visual support comprehensive with suggested guidance and easy to use tools.

Add step name

Pick a particular or multiple images with the options to upload in them in bulk & set instructions for defining them in steps.

Highlight content

Make your visual guide more user friendly by changing the instruction content with the options to write it in Bold, Italic, and underline vital information to make it look more effective.

Add tips & warning

Provide the tips and warnings concerned to information so that no misuse would happen during resolution delivery.

Change layout

Show the content in a style you consider for agents to understand easily. Check the information plus images in different layouts and make it more clear.


Use the basic components to rectify the image in the aspects related to cropping, resizing, shaping, coloring of the picture.


Choose from the variety of fonts available to represent information in a unique way rather than sticking to regular ones.


Pick from the various brush sizes and draw as per need on the picture regarding information or to edit it.


Adjust image clarity or make alterations in the image from the several filter options and get the desired visual.


Insert different shapes such as Circle, Rectangle, Polygon and more for tweaking the image design slightly as per commands.


With a variety of stickers, input some interactive elements to design and expand engagement in image.

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