Create Knowledge Base Articles To Troubleshoot Customer Queries

Create, edit, highlight, and embed knowledge base content that works for your agents and customers. Knowledge base articles stored on a unified cloud platform optimize user experience and knowledge, making them a valuable source for employee training, onboarding, troubleshooting, and even self-service.

Create Knowledge Base Articles To Troubleshoot Customer Queries

Add & Edit Content

Single-page help center articles provide comprehensive information detailing users and support front liners. Knowmax’s Single Page KB Articles allow ease of creation and editing of existing content. With set permissions based on roles assigned, back-office teams can create, edit and publish articles that can be used on the front end or your website.   The body of an article contains a detailed description of the instructions/information you want to convey to your users. A backend author/user can choose from various font families to personalize content as per brand guidelines. Structuring knowledge base articles becomes much easier with editing tools like ordered/unordered lists and alignment options.

Highlight Content

Make the important bits of information stand out in a knowledge base article. Built-in tabs can edit the text as Bold or Underlined. Also, a feature here helps the user to remove font styles. An option to highlight keywords or phrases allows end-users to find and identify particular catchphrases they are looking for. The indent options available on Knowmax’s back-end platform help format information according to user needs. From quotes to format heading options and choosing text styles, choose what fits best for the presentation of your knowledge.


Is your article missing the structure and neatness of a spreadsheet? The Knowmax backend platform allows authors and admins to add tables to a single page article. These tables can be customized as per user requirement up to a certain number of rows and columns. Tables and ready spreadsheets of any size can be copied from Excel Sheets on to the platform as well.


Make your information-heavy knowledge base articles more interactive using images. An author can add images in formats like .png, .jpg, and .jpeg between paragraphs or sections. These images act as breakers between lengthy texts or are used to explain a concept better. Infographics, charts, and screenshots can also be added for better insight into bulky data. Images added are of their original size and can be edited by dragging the markers to increase or decrease the size of the image. However, increasing an image’s dimensions more than its original size may result in distortion of pixels.


Increase user engagement while ensuring knowledge retention by adding videos and GIFs to a knowledge base article. Videos that explain concepts, processes, and related information can be useful to give context to the user. Knowmax knowledge base software allows authors to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion, and Youku, amongst others. On clicking the ‘video’ button on the toolbar, a dialogue box asking for the URL of the said the video appears. The video works just as it would on any of its source platforms.

Code View

The Code View feature makes code acceptability much easier, even in knowledge base articles. Users can insert or write HTML code using Knowmax to make a knowledge article work. Enable more interaction and engagement with front-end users with this feature.

Interlinking of Modules

For better navigation through information about a topic, Knowmax knowledge base software allows for the interlinking of various modules into a knowledge base article. This feature makes understanding more interactive and builds relevancy of said content using interactive decision trees and visual how-to device guides. FAQs on similar information can also be embedded in an article to provide answers to other related user concerns. Using the ‘Linking’ tab on the extreme right of the screen, the author can choose from Decision Trees, Picture Guides, and FAQs to link to an article. Predictive search helps in looking up the module required with keywords. A web link can also be attached along with modules. The front end will display the linked module and attached link at the bottom of the article in a clear view of the user.

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