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Organizations with great onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%

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How Knowmax assist in Employee Onboarding journey

Effective Training

Personalized user on-boarding experience streamline employee learning process. Means better the training modules and arrangement, quicker the performance of users.

Categorized Knowledge

Easily displayed content & updated information provide pathway to solutions with clarity. Putting the knowledge in parts keep information neatly defined.

Collaborated Teamwork

When HR teams find everything easier to find and understand on a single space, it enhances the teams’ performance activity for effectively performing tasks.

Assigned Tasks & Roles

Schedule tasks constructively with management guidelines, edit tools & settings. Scale processes through assigning tasks & rights to users as per their activities.

Predictive Framework

Make reports on employee’s tasks performance. Get detailed insights on particular content type and its usage summary regarding variety of queries.

Product Feature Set


Enable effective guidance through online processes and co-browsing techniques in onboarding processes. Allow users to communicate thoroughly across departments.

Community building

Build up better team relations and remarkable engagement while enhancing focus and productivity. Make agents more interactive and familiar of surroundings & teamwork.


Encourage the industry specific skills with self-learning initiative driving employees closer towards success goals. Enable them to discover and make advancement in their abilities.

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