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NPS Software: Map Your Customers’ Journey

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With digital communication carving a niche in businesses, looking up to the latest technologies for improving communication is the solution to standing out today. NPS software is a tool that is installed on a website to collect customer feedback or gauge Customer Experience(CX) at regular intervals. The software helps store results, tracks changes, provides insightful information from customers and measures customer loyalty to a company.

An NPS survey helps the company understand and analyze the percentage of customers who recommend products or services of your website to their friends so that you can improve performance and convert these visitors to potential clients.

To provide the necessary e-learning platform for your employees, businesses utilize a virtual hub known as the knowledge management platform. It is a one-stop solution that grants full access to the data, software, training programs, and helps in general management. KM systems pull all relevant data onto a single platform making it available to all the employees.

Understanding the need to measure Net promoter score

NPS quantifies marketing statistics and patterns, allowing you to measure customer satisfaction regarding the products and services. Sales, marketing, and services revolve around customer experience, and understanding customer’s feedback is the key to developing your business. You can utilize the data, analyze, and provide a refined solution for better customer service.

Essential features of an NPS software

1. Customized survey

Brand identity – colors, styles, and company’s logo are some of the features that need customization and largely impact your survey. A customized survey also allows you to address customers directly according to their scores.

2. Audience breakdown

Audience breakdown depends on products, services, geographical location and so much more. However, gathering data isn’t enough. The breakdown should be stored on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or accounting system and must be imported into customer feedback software. Make sure that survey tools allow the syncing of data.  

3. Support survey channels

Most NPS software offers an advanced survey channel that includes at least two of the following: email, text messages, or in-app(web or mobile).

4. NPS survey campaigns

You will need an NPS survey that has the option of running more than one survey at a time.

5. Survey schedule

Another essential feature required in NPS software is the ability to schedule surveys that effectively reach the customers – known as smart send.

6. Survey delivery and response rate

The best NPS software allows you to send surveys from your domain along with an email and IP address. Custom variables can also be used to address customers personally to reach out effectively.

7. Customer feedback

You should look for features that enable you to reply to your customers directly from the software to ensure effective customer feedback.

8. Notifications

You can set up notification triggers to alert you automatically for important events like new customer response, NPS decrease, an unsubscribed customer, etc.

9. Integrations

You should opt for NPS software to integrate with other services such as Intercom, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, Slack, etc.

10. Customized scenarios

You should choose survey tools that enable you to easily automate tasks and run customized scenarios for customers via emails and messages.

Importance of NPS software

1. Gain new customers

When you identify your promoters, you can request valuable feedback, or promote your company on social media platforms. In turn, you can also offer them a discount and convince them to take your services in the future.

2. Emphasis on customer experience

When you use an NPS survey, it emphasizes the fact that you care about your customers, as you are willing to tailor your operations to suit them. Customers that work with companies that give them a priority and make them feel important are less likely to churn.

3. Identifying flaws

One of the most important insights of using an NPS survey is that you get to identify the reason for customer dissatisfaction. It gives an idea of how well you can meet the customers’ needs. If the score is low, it indicates there are flaws in the services or communication.

4. Creating a channel for effective communication

An NPS survey opens up communication with existing customers. Based on this, you can understand how likely are they willing to continue with your services. You can have a conversation and know if they have recommended you to any friend who can be a potential client, or if they have vital feedback.

5. Understanding customer service analytics

The NPS survey has both multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. After the results, you can generate feedback analytics reports based on various criteria. Using NPS helps you understand how the customer feels about your product or services and accordingly you can improve their experiences.

Visual analytics to communicate NPS clearly

1. Box plot

Box plot is a pictorial representation which shows the comparison of positive and negative trends in various industries and their associated customers.

2. Pictographs

It displays effective infographic-style icons to explain NPS instead of displaying metrics for survey reports.

3. The Guage

This focusses on the main metrics with reasoning which provides a clear indication for both target and current rates.

4. Infographics

Infographics are often used as a combination of graphs, icons, colors, labels for presentations that focusses to engage the customers. These are great examples of data-driven reports that interpret NPS effectively.

The stacked bar chart comes along with segmented scores, color-coded enabling easier comparison for better NPS performance.

Business expansion using NPS score

1. Better marketing results

NPS surveys focus on customer satisfaction. This actionable feedback helps you to create better campaigns to attract potential clients.

2. Boosts your sales

Public opinion on social media gives you a general measure of CX but isn’t accurate. NPS gives accurate feedback of customers who have used your products or services. This in turn boosts your sales.

3. Brings growth

One of the best ways of improving your business is to keep track of the right growth metric so that accordingly you can make predictions for your future development. In this way, you will know how to manage your resources and improve performance within your organization.

4. Identifying detractors improves brand image

Detractors represent unhappy customers whom you may lose, especially in the age of digital, instant communication. But they can be a great source of information to fill the gaps for your future performances. You can follow up with them and understand the flaws which need to be worked upon.

Knowledge management focuses on knowledge sharing and utilization for customer satisfaction. NPS is a customer satisfaction survey that advocates growth, but it takes a comprehensive knowledge base to create value – as without the means to effectively disburse data to agents and customers alike, business and profits are likely to stagnate. Use the data acquired from NPS surveys to craft solutions to commonly stated customer problems, and use a knowledge plan to disseminate these solutions through your company. An efficient workforce makes the best use of its data, and an NPS software with KM promises to ease this process for you – and keep happy customers rolling in.


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