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How to deploy decision trees at every customer touchpoint?

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A decision tree software is the easiest way to represent a complicated solution in a multi-branched and leveled format. This DIY, no code product has emerged as a landmark adoption in the world of complicated agent scripting software’s for solution listings.

Customers today do not want to get on a call with your answering machines hearing continuous hammering tones for hours. They also don’t appreciate sitting by their mobiles, laptops, or desktops for hours waiting for a reply. Decision trees are more suitable for complicated solutions with multiple possibilities of a solution under varied circumstances.

A simple decision tree structure includes

  • Listing a problem statement that needs to be addressed to with a solution.
  • All possible reasons for such an issue is then listed as a second fold of options to choose from.
  • The steps to be taken under each such option is further detailed.
  • Any long article essential to be attached at backend for reference.
  • Nodes to interlink answers wherever needed.
  • Easy drag & drop function to prevent over writing of existing content.
  • Multiple applications for internal & external communication.
  • Customisable templates and formats to suit your needs.
  • Representation of quantitative and qualitative data.

Decision tree software integrations over various channels

Knowmax provides its agent scripting software integration over all possible customer touchpoints to ease the access of information to all the users whether internal or external to the organization.

These channels can further be classified into:

  • Assisted channels
  • Digital channels

Decision trees over-assisted channels

Call centre’s use the services of human agents for their communication skills to handle complicated queries and customer temper through quick resolution and empathy. Decision trees work as an essential aid for the agents to read the solution quickly.

Owing to multiple calls belonging to different products and issues associated therewith, agents, being humans, can many times get confused about what they need to deliver. Slightest deviation or delay from target answer makes the entire conversation questionable in quality by no fault of either party.

Need of decision trees on assisted channels

Decision trees appear as a single screen solution most of the time and are quickly readable. Knowmax provides a no code, DIY solution so that even agents if permitted by admin, can create knowledge that best suits their needs. This helps in recording the otherwise lost implicit knowledge and can be used by their successors or by the entire batch for better service delivery while refresher training.

All an agent is required to do is:

  • Raise a ticket.
  • Use AI recognition to find quick solution.
  • Get in touch with caller.
  • Read out a problem statement.
  • Help caller opt from multiple solutions.
  • Reach a solution state.

All over a single platform using our knowledge base and guided scripting software integrations.

Decision trees over digital channels

Digital channels usually focus on the self service part of contact centers. Customers with petty queries too can raise tickets and wait for an agent to get assigned to their tickets. However, for your agents, such repeated and quick-to-solve queries are a waste of time as they make the job monotonous, increase absenteeism, and deviate your manpower’s focus from more critical matters that must actually receive the status of first priority.

Need of decision trees on digital channels

When a self service platform is created, not only should you focus on its easy UI but also on the solution matter. Your agents are specially trained to read the solution bullets and devise a way out of the problem but the end-users of your products, your consumers, are not meant to do so.

They rather expect a product with auxiliaries that make their job easy instead of spending time on resolving potential problems associated with it. Self service solutions thus, must be easy enough for customers to read, interpret, and apply without waiting in long call queues.

Content of decision tree is thus created in a manner that keeps it short, crisp, easy to deduce, quick execution, and improves metrics like CX, CSAT, FCR, SLA, ASAT, etc.

Benefits of a good decision tree scripting for the enterprise

Omni channel customer service

Users can drop their complaints at any channel of their preferred choice. Integration over each customer touchpoint assures the delivery of solution through that very channel be it via mail, call, text, social media, or tickets.

Self service

Self service too can be through traditional channels of receiving a manual or through digital assistance. It helps in ticket deviation from agents’ desks resulting in concentration on critical matters requiring immediate attention. Customers are empowered to carry out independent executions with expert support in case of a dead end.


Average Handle Time refers to the time taken by an agent in closing a ticket from the time they did contact the caller. Higher AHT is directly proportional to lower customer satisfaction thus resulting in customer churns. Decision trees make it easy for assisted and automated response to deliver easy solution, lowering AHT rates.


First Call Resolution or FCR is a representation of your service quality and agent efficiency. Highly efficient agents can deliver resolutions to tickets quickly and aptly closing them in no time whilst keeping the customer engaged all along. It saves time and generates customer loyalty as a bonus for your organization.

Digital journey

Everything you or your customers do creates a digital footprint for you. It is the elephant in the room and does not stand to be ignored. Every organization carries the responsibility to plan its digital journey in a way that gives it visibility, shield from negative completion and generates leads and lead conversions as well. Good decision trees are just another addition to the same.

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Decision tree maker is designed to suit all your organizational needs. While agents require decision trees to take a quick scan of the solution to be delivered and reduce overall call time, users of self service platforms require decision trees to ascertain the exact nature of issue they are facing and navigate themselves to solution for the same.


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