Posted On: January 9, 2021

How AI virtual assistant can be your support agent?

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AI virtual assistants have been in customer services for a very long time, but they have evolved to be more than just chatbots. These unprecedented times of crisis have compelled businesses to rethink their customer service approach and strategies.

When the whole world is avoiding actual human interaction and businesses are lacking a workforce to operate smoothly; why not see this as an idea to upgrade the customer services!

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Challenges with customer support channels

Customer service interactions have primarily originated via phone, chat, email, contact forms and live chats with an estimated 60-80% originating from contact information found online – through searches and contact us pages etc. The cost of handling communicating through these channels have been proved costly because of the service agents cost associated with it.

To avoid these redundant expenses, businesses have started adopting call deviation strategies to divert customers towards virtual assistants before they call to customer helpdesk.

This has proven to be helpful and efficient when it comes to cost effectiveness and resolution times.

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Is an AI assistant going to dominate legacy systems?

In coming times, AI virtual assistant is going to dominate legacy customer support system and there are endless number of reasons that can be argued for in its support:

  • Accessible to customers 24/7 not 9 to 5
  • Reducing overall operational cost (OPEX)
  • No queues, no frustration, no DSAT
  • Reduce agents redundant workload

1. Accessible to customer 24/7

An ideal customer service should not be bound by time. A customer can have a query any time of the day and when that happens, he/she should have a go-to place to have answers to all the questions.

Now if that is to be achieved, either a business can have 24/7 support in place that will involve people working in different shifts, but will also result in higher operating cost or can have API virtual assistant handling all normal and odd time queries.

If you feed the right information to your bot, your customer service agents can focus more on critical tasks. Know more about the advantages of having knowledge management.

2. Reducing overall operational cost (OPEX)

With the expanding business, appointing more and more workforce to handle customer queries will have to come to a stop someday. Customer queries are unprecedented and no one can really predict when and what frequency of queries shall pour in.

In accordance to that, hiring more customer representatives will eventually increase overall operational cost (OPEX) significantly.

What if you can turn this situation to your advantage with just a slight modification in your CX approach?

Let AI virtual assistants handle some work for you. Virtual assistants will bypass communication with representatives to a great extent and with this approach in place, there will be no additional workforce appointment which will eventually reduce operations cost.

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3. No queues, no frustration, no DSAT

Most of the customers are likely to hang up the phone within 2 minutes if their call is not answered and studies found that 34% of those users might not even call back again.

It has been proved multiple times that if a customer waits in a queue for a longer time, they are already frustrated and the resolution provided later will no longer affect their satisfaction level.

This being crucial for all customer services, it is pressing to avoid such petty reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

Having an AI virtual assistant integrated with the knowledge management system, it will engage a customer and will help them resolve their queries on their own. Most of the time customers might not even need to communicate with a human after being satisfied by the virtual assistant.

When there will not be longer waiting queues and people getting what they want in time, will definitely add up to the business’s goodwill.

AI virtual assistants are at their best when you have a robust knowledge base. Customers at the other end don’t even know that they are interacting with a virtual entity.

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4. Reduce agents’ redundant workload

It is believed that agents lose interest in their jobs while doing monotonous work every day. Customer support representatives are expected to be patient with the customers because no question is stupid or petty. This leads to answering repetitive questions every day which might wear out a representative’s patience someday.

When this happens, they might not even reply to customers properly. Many cases are seen when customers have raised complaints regarding inappropriate behavior of a person at the other end of the line.

Before compromising your business’s goodwill because of this, it is thus best if some measures are taken.

Let an AI virtual assistant handle some of your repetitive tasks while humans deal with more complex issues.

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Self-service is a pronounced way to reduce the massive load on a customer helpdesk and ensure that users aren’t left hanging or are dropped. It also allows agents to become more productive as they are less inclined to have to deal with routine tasks.

At the end of the day, purpose of a business is to create a win-win situation for customers and agents as well. It might seem reasonable to make much higher monitory and workforce investment, but in the long run smartness is the key that will take a business beyond imaginable.

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