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Improve Customer Experience At Lower Cost During Lockdown

7 mins read

And here stand all of us, locked up in lockdown. Earth has indeed taken a full round of our offerings for centuries and it’s the spin-off season. But can any economy come to a halt siting the fact that most of the top income and employment generating industries now standstill until the test of time?

Over 70% of CX leaders struggle to design projects that increase customer loyalty and achieve results.” – Gartner

With such high percentages of effort inputs, the costs on CX exercises can shoot up to as high as $ 1.6 trillion.

While lockdown has affected all industries and all economies globally, customers still remain as prime assets for organizations to be paid attention to. It’s more crucial now than ever to figure out new tricks and ways to lure and retain the customers while still spending less and earning more in the global crisis of lockdown.

People have taken up the long quarantine duration to stay around their loved ones, if away from family, contact them regularly, take up their long lost hobbies, and discovering their new interests by gaining a wider perspective of things.

This lockdown has definitely turned the earth into a global village and people have, with time, started to get back to work from home.

This not only comes as a professional’s responsibility but also as an organizational strategy to see the lockdown distancing through the lenses of creativity and come out stronger and better with each passing day.

Strategizing and marketing the organization’s new policies and product features to help customers sail successfully and free of hurdles should be the prime focus of product developers and marketers.


Customer experience refers to the interaction experience a customer carries after using the products and services. During the lockdown, the physical meet-up of the company’s representatives with customers falls down to zero posing a challenge for the resolution of any quality tiff or complaint that may arise.

As a boon, fortunately, the arrival of digital has made our lives connected and easy even from distance and all organizations need to do is to realize that implementation of the better communication channel between the customers, suppliers, and the agents must essentially be tested and put in order to use the gap amid to the organization’s advantage at fullest.

How to improve customer experience during lockdown

Digitize all touch-points

To be available at any place and at any time, it is of utmost importance to the organization to use the digital as a medium of establishing an all-round connect with the customer sat all touch-points. The agents can use video or visual guides to understand the problem and extend a solution about the same. Self service portals with digitally disseminated knowledge in the form of step by step guides and pictures can be deployed. Chatbots can be integrated to all touch-points thus helping them notify the customers and communicate with them.

Secure workforce internally

An employee with a great experience at work can fetch in customers with great experiences as well. The workforce serves as the base of any organization. During lockdown, it is of utmost importance for the top executives of each department to get together and list out all the priority tasks and align them with reasonable deadlines.

Proper connectivity and reporting app for facilitating formal communication while working remotely must be used. The employers must, alongside delegating responsibilities, must keep a track of the challenges being faced by employees and readily crack those up.

Drive CX through traffic inflow

The truth stands by the fact that during lockdown, the consumers get a lot of time at their disposal and creative hats on. Though it may sound illogical, this space allows the customers to meddle with the product features and hacks beyond their normal uses. This is bound to bring in more queries and thus increase the call volume that is to be dealt with by the agents as such queries might not yet find their way up in the self service solution guides. The agents should deal personally with each caller empathizing about the issue and provide FCR. While better call handles at crisis periods fetch in better CX scores, recording of such calls can assist in future training, analysis, and improvement.

Improvised training

Inducing digital modules and AI backed chatbots to help mediate the problem resolution procedure while working from home definitely changes the traditional work culture for the employees. It is thus essential to train them properly touring through each minute details and problems that they might face while being on work so as to make it a transition as smooth as possible for the agents too.

To make the agents capable of serving solutions seamlessly using tools like decision trees, visual guides bot support, and augmented reality; it is of prime importance to make sure that the agent is not only trained to use them but also trained using those modules and tools.

Point all your weak areas

While this may not make much sense initially, lockdown and weakness list indeed has a deep connection. While the teams are at work during lockdown, each problem they face can be without any delay forwarded to the top authorities allowing them enough time and space to study the problem and find a solution to the same. Pilot solutions can be run and tested and all loopholes can be mended properly. Thus, lockdown can help the teams to come together and take the organization’s brand value and product quality up by manifold.


For honest opinions, we can all agree to the fact that this fateful outbreak of COVID-19 as a global pandemic was an eye-opener for us all. It certainly did lay the foundations for contactless work culture and has helped us identify the strengths and weaknesses of our organizations and portfolios. With ample time to reflect at it all and move ahead, it is definitely established now that the role of digital in the lives is pervasive whether in our personal lives or in a professional framework.

Customers serve as the backbone of the organizations and thus the feedback they give or the experience they carry decides the extent of success or failure of an organization. With inter-departmental strategies, it becomes easy to think out of the box and lead from the front in terms of innovation and competition. The success of CX goals can be measured against various call center metrics like C-SAT, average call time, first call resolution, service level, agent attrition, and occupancy rate, etc.


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