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5 Must-have Call Center Agent Skills

6 mins read

Hiring and exemplary customer service in an organization are directly proportional. Call center agent skills are required to streamline the contact center operations, whether it could be on chat or call.

To give exceptional customer service to customers is to have agents that know what they are doing. Having the right people is not an easy thing to do. So it is crucial for the company to hire right. Let us look at more reasons why it is important. 

3 Reasons why the right person is important to hire in a contact centre?

Training for skills is a given after an employee joins the organization, however, hiring the right person for the job is extremely important for these reasons:

1. Less cost in retraining

When hiring it is important to see to it that the person will be able to adapt to change. Technology at call centers or contact centers tends to change with trends. Employees obviously have to keep up with trends or there would be the need to retrain the same old personnel more times than necessary.

2. Efficiency in working

When hiring you would not know if an agent would perform well under the pressures that come with working at the contact center and having to consistently deliver. Making sure that the person is committed helps in reaching organizational goals faster.

3. Talent driven

An agent’s capabilities are extremely important to know and put to use in a contact center. When hired right with all capabilities needed to work at a contact center, the talent that the individual possesses can be the hope to bring new methods of working as well as reaching goals efficiently.

Top 5 skills a contact center agent must have

Skills are what are developed over years of inculcating them. However, the purpose of training is to fulfill those lacking where necessary and fill the gaps in what was not there as a skill and what an agent should improve upon.

With less time to train agents you can seek the help of a knowledge base that aids with the following skills an employee needs to have whether new or old:

1. Ability to interpret customer’s tone

The first thing an agent needs to understand while conversing with a customer through any medium is to understand the tone of the customer and their mood. Identifying this can help greatly to solve the query in a manner the customer is expecting out of the agent.

With a knowledge management software that has the ability to interpret this on its own without the need for human help, an AI-powered knowledge base can understand the tone in which the customer is speaking. The agent can concentrate on delivering and looking for the right answer instead of worrying about the tone.

2. Have relevant answers

It is true humans are not machines, there are certain protocols and answers an agent can remember but an agent might not have all the right answers at the back of their mind.

A knowledge base platform that is consistent across the entire organization helps the agent find the right answers without having to call somebody else or put the customer on hold for longer than anticipated.

3. Effective communication

An agent must be clear and concise with communication. Their communication is about a problem or gives a solution, the customer must know clearly what is being told to them. In addition to this if a customer is angry or showing extreme emotions then the agent needs to give reassurance to the customer.

This is something that might not be a part of the script and it involves the agent’s ability to quickly think and solve it. However, having the right agent scripting tools can help the agent remember how to reassure a customer.

4. Quick problem-solving ability

An agent’s skills do not require giving the right answers; they also need to be really quick in answering with relevant information as it helps reduce the average handle time of a call, which is beneficial to all parties involved.

Having a knowledge base software helps aid the skills of an agent. With a single platform being used for all information access, an agent would not have to spend time toggling between screens and give answers as quickly as possible.

5. Adherence to SOPs

Other than having to retain information, it is extremely important to not make mistakes especially in regard to a process or application of anything related to a product or service.

A knowledge management system that has tools to script and as well as maintain consistent or same information across organizations helps in adherence to SOPs.

Using the right technology helps in delivering mistake-proof answers to customers always.


Call center agent skills are extremely important for a person working at a contact center. Hiring right is only the beginning of delivering excellent service to customers. The rest of the part is on the agent to have the presence of mind to do it all. Knowledge management tools or features help agents to a great extent in keeping up their consistent efficiency with performance delivery.


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