The Role of 5G & Challenges in 5G Adoption by Customers

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5G launch and adoption seem to be the product of common industrial evolutions but the lesser-known story behind the wires that bind it all together goes as follows:

The story of communication has evolved over the years from signs and symbols to cross-boundary audio and visual messages. 1790 saw the emergence of semaphore systems in Europe soon to be taken over by telecommunication establishments in 1830 that used radio signals and waves. These earliest communications were carried out through a connecting agent between two lines called ‘operator’.

To list the developments chronologically shall result in a long and tiring chronology. Let us sum it up in the major eras:

  • Optical telegraphy
  • Electrical telegraphy
  • Telephone
  • Radio and Television
  • Semiconductors

What is 5G?

Stated simply, 5G is like a supplement capsule. All nutrients required for the body can either be consumed via timely diets stretched all across a day or can be consumed via a capsule in addition to the balance of the diet. Similarly, 5G is the fifth generation of network communication which brings the internet of things to a reality giving enhanced connectivity to multiple devices at the same time.

High speed, better connectivity, and low latency, higher performance, improved efficiency, smoother user interface, and what not are just the starters while the real show of this ice-breaking innovation is yet to be unveiled.

While the announcement of 5G and its supportive machines, devices, and networks are taking the markets by a roll; a peek into the future of communication and features of 6G speculates higher.

Let us first dive deeper into the world of 5G technology.

Benefits of 5G

Mobile data traffic soars high day by day with an increasing demand for swiftness and buffer-free net usage. Gone are the days when telecommunications helped in squeezing out gaps and making the world a global village. Now the net is an essential requisite to such an extent that 550 new social media users are added each minute. The world of the internet, in reality, has become a parallel world of existence with virtual and real domains coinciding with one another.

The biggest bankers of the 5G launch are going to be the telcos as this sector lies at the foundation level all that builds up to be called networking and communication. Agents, experts, users, customers all stand in need of quicker solutions and better software. With 5G, the spaces shall contract while the matter shall expand. Speeding up solutions by adding new devices and modules is sure to arrive sooner and hit the floors thus making agent training in handling the processes becomes quite important.

Challenges faced by customers in adoption


The frequency bandwidth worked by 4G was less than 6GHz while 5G is all set to take it up to 300GHz. The adjustment to this peed requires compact knowledge base with formats matching the settings as that required by 5G coverage.


The configuration of devices with 5G settings might not come easy and handy as it takes a long leap from that of its predecessor- 4G LTE. The remote areas shall face even more challenges both in terms of inclusion into the 5G circle and its tutoring as well.

Increased costs

The cost of deploying 5G LTE and training the professionals and support executives to use the same is estimated to reach as high as $87.9 dollars by the year 2023. It means that all the organizations have across the world is less than a 5-year plan to adjust and extent funds for 5G.


While some devices supporting 5G have already been launched, others are constantly working on creating more sustainable models for the same. Consumers have short term tolerance and it is thus essential to keep providing them with innovations with is R&D shall be the highest spenders.

Data safety

Data leakage has rocked off the promises of the safety of information being fed to various apps and websites ever since 2017 and the recent scenarios have made the importance of data shift ‘big data’. Before a paradigm of earning is extracted, providing data safety for all is a priority.

The biggest challenge above all is the provision of a solution to the challenges above. Thus let us now see the KM tools by Knowmax that ease 5G adoption:

Modules to help in 5G adoption

Decision Trees

Interactive decision tree software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions through a series of questions accompanied by multi-choice type answers.  This streamlined technical process for support teams and customers has a step-by-step intuitive workflow thus clearing the air from any doubts around 5G being the new talk of the town.

Visual how-to guides

It is the visual assistance that agents need while handling complex customer interactions. Picture guides ensure best for agents and users by allowing faster and efficient resolutions using images as a better tool as compared to words. Visual guides support resolutions for multiple devices like wearable, smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, etc. 5G being the buzz shall definitely require a Pictionary to teach all about new settings and its dos and don’ts.

Articles and FAQs

Over 90% of users would use an online knowledge base if it were made available. You can easily monitor words and phrases that users and support agents use to alter and improve navigation experience.

The highest number of hits procured per keyword helps the organization to bid more and closely screen it. Thus any doubts around 5G can easily be rated and proper support base is developed.

How can Knowmax help in customer service on 5G adoption?

Call center

While the agents require various learning materials for each telecom and internet provider, they should also have these guides handy and ready far before 5G hits the crowd.

Knowmax helps to prepare a detailed guide followed by a questionnaire to teach and test at the same time ensuring the least of agent error and improved service levels.


The users tend to be pivots of the organization and a new product is expected to be a bundle of joy and explorations over a complex query that has to be resolved after tedious call center tones and prolonged waiting times. Self-service portals then come into the picture and must be short, crisp, concrete.

The visitor should have a usage tutorial video to support the ease of use and operations. With the arrival of 5G in markets being the latest, lots of queries are bound to hit the portal and even be carried to the floor if complex.

Users of 5G knowledge base

Telco agents

The agents need to be trained with all the details pertaining to 5G. Probable problems that could be encountered at the levels of corporate and personal uses must be pre-read and listicles made around the same.

New technology further evades patience making empathy more important that solution delivery.

End users

In a tech-savvy world, not all might be able to spare the time for now longer waiting for queues of the contact center thus shooting up the demand and requirement for the self-service portal and its integration over all touch-points to deflect tickets and prevent digital space from getting over-crowded as well.

It is thus essential to disseminate the knowledge base related to 5G over all touchpoints in order to ensure quick, prompt, and accurate resolutions to the problems.


While the data speed shall be jumping from the Mbps section to the Gbps, thus increased speed, low latency, higher communication potential, and rowed in devices shall open up the spaces for better integrations and collaborations. The organizations at large will be benefitted as community building and customer networking shall effortlessly easy. The world of graphics, content, advertising, and technology shall be revolutionized forever.

A discussion about 5G at present might seem to be full of speculations but are we, at organizational levels, ready to embrace the change and compete along?


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