Interactive Decision Tree Software To Simplify Call Center Customer Service

  • Turn complex SOPs into next best action steps
  • Create logical scripts for customer support
  • Automate self-service and enhance CX
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Call Center Scripting


Benefits of our
interactive decision tree software :


Improved First Contact Resolution rate


Mistake proof solutions with improved next best action


Reduce Average Handle Time

Features of an interactive decision trees software


1 .

Guided workflows for seamless customer engagement

Knowmax interactive decision trees software provide an auto traverse option for any customer questions. The feature makes support teams not miss any crucial steps while interacting with customers. This leads to accurate resolutions and happy customers.

2 .

No code, DIY decision trees for customer service

Create simple or complex decision trees with options to add, edit, and delete a guidance step or user response. Make customized scripts for customer support agents with Knowmax’s DIY interactive decision tree software.


3 .

Reduce response time by linking modules

With an integrated interface, link a guidance step to any node in the decision tree. Nodes can be linked to jump or skip unnecessary steps to reduce response time. Media attachments can be added to nodes to speed up resolution.

4 .

CRM integration for personalized resolutions

Collect customer data through CRM integrations and track each customer’s journey. With correct customer data always at your disposal, provide the best solutions for individual customer problems.


5 .

Micro-segmented analytics to shape CX strategy

Explore time spent on every node, usage analytics, efficiency, and resolution rate of each decision tree through a unified dashboard. This helps analyze data all around to improve on the existing knowledge base and shape CX strategy.

Supercharge your CX with Knowmax

Get comprehensive guided agent workflows with Knowmax

Online interactive decision trees software lets enterprises across telecom, health care, BFSI, and more create crisp, mistake-proof resolutions for simple or complex customer queries. The no-code DIY feature of the decision tree tool allows easy knowledge creation and sharing for support teams. This enables exceptional CX through assisted and digital channels.

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How interactive decision tree software helps in enhancing customer experience?

Nearly 60% of customers feel that long holds and wait times are the most frustrating parts of a service experience. With interactive decision tree software, enterprises can create guided step-by-step workflows for resolutions in just a few steps. From quick troubleshooting to auto traverse steps through CRM integration, enhance customer experience with the online decision tree maker.

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This is why our customers believe in us


less time to deliver answers


increase in C-SAT


queries self served


less employee onboarding time

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