Zendesk Integration

Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk Application records all customer-related information, provided by the customer upon raising a query/ticket. For the Customer Service Agents to resolve said tickets, a backend team is usually required to pull out data from a Knowledge Management portal, which works independently from the Zendesk CRM.


  • Must have Zendesk admin user access
  • Must have a subscription to the Knowmax portal by which token will be generated for integration.
Steps to Integrate

Steps to Integrate

  1. Login as Admin User in Knowmax and go to Company Settings > Generate Token Button
  2. Open Zendesk Application as an admin user & go to Zendesk Marketplace
  3. Search for Knowmax Application
  4. Click on Install to download and set up the app on Zendesk server
  5. Put KM provided Token and Domain Details to complete the setup

Once the setup is complete, the user will be granted access to the Knowledge Base upon the creation of a ticket/query. The subject details of said ticket will be moved to KM as a keyword, allowing the user to gain access to all related information. The information provided can then be designed in picture guides, decision trees, FAQs or article format.


Easy to Integrate

Knowmax Integration is a simplified process.

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