Create Decision Trees For Customer Support

Make customer interactions at contact centers simple and straightforward. Check the features that help ease the process of making decision trees. Know how to use the different UI themes and color themes available. Create complex decision trees for customer service by yourself with no coding requirements to make customer engagement mistake-proof and meaningful.

Create Decision Trees For Customer Support

DIY process builder

Create graphic trees with the main query and add answers in a step-by-step manner. Add the guidance step first and click on the ‘+’ to create direct nodes to write user responses. You can use ’ which works as a drop-down to select multiple options including formatting and deleting the node.

Customized templates

Create interactive UI with different custom settings. You can choose from the three main types of templates. Currently, you can choose for your graphic tree to be presented in default mode, through image theme by uploading images or selecting a color theme. There are 5 standard color palettes you can choose from. 

Marking final steps

Once you are done creating the graphic tree, you may select options that mark the end of the resolution. Under the ‘user response linking’ bar you can tick the node that marks the final step. After this, as an activity for your agent, you can integrate a quiz designed to test agents knowledge to this final node.

Time spent analytics

Your graphic trees might need a revamp. How do you know this? Through the analytics in the backend. Feedback analytics on the site help understand the usage of various decision trees. It can determine through feedback if it was helpful in resolution or not. Measuring efficiency like this you can repeat the process by cloning or creating a new graphic tree.

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