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Create visual how-to guides for better understanding and faster resolutions

Picture Guides is the visual assistance that agents need while troubleshooting complex customer interactions. Ensure the best for agents and users by allowing for faster and efficient resolutions using picture guides. Foster digital adoption and self-service with visual components of Knowledge Management Systems.

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Picture Guides for multiple devices

Visual guides support resolutions for multiple devices like smartphones, smart televisions, routers, tablets, wearables, etc. With all-round support and guidance for a variety of devices, ensure that your support agents have answers to everything a consumer asks.

Largest Repository of Picture Guides

With a connected repository of over 17,000 ready-to-use pictorial guides for multiple devices, Knowmax ensures efficient resolutions of complicated queries. Keep users and agents engaged with step-by-step guides for advanced device configurations and troubleshooting.

Customized Delivery of Picture Guides

Knowmax solutions are made-to-measure and delivered as per the convenience of your business. Integrate picture guides within your digital channels. Choose from our On-Cloud and On-Premise delivery models with multi-lingual options, that best suit your brand’s business needs.

Picture Guides for Call Centers

Enhance agent efficiency while reducing average handle time of support tickets with visual guides for some of the most complex customer queries. Integrate components of Knowledge Management within the tools that you already use on the frontend as well as backend.

Access to information with Picture Guides

With Knowmax’s components of Knowledge Management, ensure easy findability of the right information and content to deliver resolutions for every customer query. Keep users engaged by using interactive pictures even for device configuration and troubleshooting.

Picture Guide Integrations & Analytics

Knowmax’s Picture Guides can be integrated within your business’ current CRM software and backend solutions. Explore and track the usage of knowledge management components using a unified dashboard. Keep a track of frequent queries raised and guides used to deliver seamless resolutions.

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How can Knowledge Management components help enhance customer experience?

Customer experience is the prime factor for driving growth in industries and knowledge management assists enterprises to attain those flourishing opportunities. Knowledge management components enable sure-shot guidance to businesses in customer experience initiatives. With the uncluttered, engaging and innovative interfaces, knowledge management components such as visual guides demonstrate information to customers through pictorial representation. Support agents can use picture guides to get winning results in every interaction with customers.

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