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Interactive Call Center Decision Trees for Every Scenario:

  • Mistake-Proof Resolutions 
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction 
  • Reduced Average Call Handling Time 
Skyrocket your CX

Sneak peek into our customer service decision trees

Customize decision trees to match your brand identity

  • Create interactive UI with custom settings
  • Select themes & colors that resonate with your brand style
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Improve knowledge access by attaching important files & URLs with user responses

  • Reduce response time by cross-linking questions & user responses
  • Improve knowledge access by attaching important files & URLs with user responses
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Reduce response time by cross-linking questions & user responses

  • Link guidance steps (aka questions) with identical user responses for faster problem solving
  • Ensure quick & efficient content creation with seamless guidance step linking process.
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Auto-traverse decision tree steps using API integrations

  • Auto-traverse any step of the decision tree to deliver faster & personalized solutions
  • Set parameters to fetch and vet relevant customer information from CRM
  • Customize decision tree information based on CRM data
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Upload your content for approval and select distribution channels

  • Add a relevant title & keywords for your decision trees. Add multiple keywords to enhance content findability
  • Select existing category or create a new one to organize your content
  • Select departments and channels to share your content with
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Analyze user engagement patterns with micro-segmented analytics

  • Gather employee feedback to improve content quality
  • Get visibility into the entire user journey with detailed reports
  • Optimize workflows by assessing the exact steps agents take and time spent on each step
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Why our customers believe in us?


Reduced agent error


Reduced time to deliver answers


Less employee onboarding time


Queries self served

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When our customers win, we win

Worried about content migration?

We’ve got you covered. Knowmax understands your knowledge ecosystem well to ensure your knowledge is preserved and transferred without any hassle. Here’s how we do it:

Content Audit

Knowmax comprehensively audits your existing knowledge and identifies relevant content types to fit your knowledge adequately.

Content Migration

Our AI data migration engine speeds up the time to migrate content and minimizes the manual effort and potential errors involved in the process.

Quality Assurance

Once your existing knowledge base is migrated to Knowmax, we run quality checks to ensure no disconnects in your new knowledge base.

Seamless integrations with your existing CX tools

Ready APIs to integrate seamlessly with your in-house tools

Guided Decision Trees reduce response time by ~80%

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